Ctrl + Tab for Mesh Select Mode

Yeah, that’s a very important point. I’m sure there is a lot of laptop users who have to use Emulate Numpad.

so that’s it? we’re stuck with this behavior? :frowning:

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I just had a quick look to see if it’s being discussed anywhere else. Couldn’t find anything.

So yes, I think we are stuck with it.

Such a shame for laptop users with no numpad.

Is it not possible to just change the shortcuts? I find Ctrl+TAB to be blazing fast compared to 1 2 3…

also 1 2 3 I use for front/top/side view and that is golden btw.




Amazing. So thankful you took the time to do this. Much appreciated by all who miss it in 2.8 for sure.

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I just tried to add the mesh select modes to quick favourites. Not possible.

I can turn on emulate number pad, but I can’t reassign ctrl + tab for mesh select mode when I have emulate number pad on. (not without using Zebus3d’s addon)

I don’t understand why we have this behaviour with such a vital part of the workflow in modelling?

Especially when a large number of the new creators laptops at CES seem to have no number pad.


Well, we’ve got an issue with all those pie menus.
They seems to be hardcoded

I share my personal experience:

recently I’m on a short keyboard, so I use emulate-numpad, so to work more comfortable I got the custom shortcuts:
1, 2, 3 for the ortho views, and alt + 1, 2, 3 for switches between vertices, segments and faces …

and surprisingly I am discovering that my workflow has increased and is pleasantly more comfortable.

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Your setup doesnot include slot switching, so it seems it does not fit multirefrence modeling workflows.
Yes, it can be handy, but for a simple modeling.

i added the keybinding back to switch selection modes, took me several hours to figure this out…

here is the section where it needs to be added (3D View>Mesh>Mesh(Global)

and the configuration for the keybinding
empty field: wm.call_menu
Name: VIEW3D_MT_edit_mesh_select_mode