Why CTRL + TAB for mode changing is bad

Why its bad :-

  1. Awkward / un ergonomic hand postion - When your left hand is at its usual position over the keyboard, you would have to lift up your wrist in midair while your thumb reaches out for the CTRL key so that your ring or ittle finger is able to press the tab key simultaneously (or you could rotate your hand in the other direction so that your little finger is at CTRL and your ring finger is at tab, but this puts a little strain) either way, pressing ctrl + tab is just uncomfortable.

  2. Having to press 2 keys takes more time - This one would only mildly annoy me since there are many many functions which require you to press 2 keys, however those functions are usually not amplified by my first point.

Both of my above points defeat the sole purpose of pie menus which is speed and quickness, i would usually settle for having just one of the above but both of those two problems in relation to each other just make it slow and uncomfortable to use pie menus, even if the shortcut was changed to something like SPACE + TAB the second problem would still exist, in my opinion, in order to have the most efficient pie menu incorporated both of the problems should be eradicated (and the first one only exists in this special case)

Possible Solution (includes video) :-

  • Before the alpha version of 2.8 there was a novel solution to have both an option to directly access edit mode and the pie menus with just the single TAB press! However since it required the detection of mouse movement after the keypress it made directly accessing the edit mode sluggish because only after blender confirmed there to be no mouse movement (which took a couple hundred milliseconds) did it take you to edit mode.

  • Now as i demonstrate in my video, Changing the double click setting in the user preferences gets rid of that sluggishness, Have a look.

sorry for this post, just making some more noise, atleast let me know if this hasn’t completely slipped past the relevant people.

and it is from this video from the blender developers channel! the alpha announcement one.


Already being discussed:

There were reasons for the change according to the relevant people. Maybe if you find a solution for the problems that existed they may bring it back.

ummm Did you read the first post? and then watch the video? i wouldn’t have complained unless i actually had a potential solution, but i guess the hard part is that even though i have proposed the solution in my video, no one might be able to see it or test it for themselves because people in the BA studio compile blender on the daily, unlike me who weekly plays around with the builds from buildbot and has them zip files on my recycle bin.

also the name of that thread you linked is “for mesh select mode” so i thought that it was old, since now its is for pie menus.

Oh sorry, for some reason I didn’t see the previous post… double clicking seems reasonable.