Blender UI paper cuts



Ok, someone did not think this through:

In the 3D view, B is box selection and C is circle selection.

In the Outliner, B is box selection (because industry standard shift selection doesn’t work), and if you’re in the “view layers” mode, C is create new collection.


Even when 2.8 brings new features, the outliner is still the UI from hell. :frowning:


I second that the Outliner UI needs some serious love – especially with better +Shift or +Ctrl selection!

The new “almost layers” system with “collections” is great, but still being unable to use Shift to easily multi-select consecutive items/objects… OMG what a pain. D:


Not sure if this counts, but I can never remember how to make a circular pattern from the array modifier.

Super illogical UI to me… always need to look up on Youtube, instantly forget after I’m done.

(EDIT: And now that I’ve looked it up, having to switch back and forth between the modifier and the object transform to change number of patterned objects is really a paper cut!)


I really dig this! Would it be possible to do this for the Vert/Edge/Face counts as well? Being in the bottom corner, and very small, makes it super hard to read at times.


@zimlorog Of course


Oh. My. God. Thank you so much! I’ve been wanting this for so long.


I agree should come by default, hopefully, in fact the first version that I did something similar was modifying blender in c the core, but that’s where the thing stayed.

Why is this not a thing yet in 2.8? This is REALLY helpful!


and also it shouldnt get keyed at all anymore when it’s locked


Vertex or point?


@billrey I’ve got the tiniest of paper cuts here for you.

A lot of nodes have a certain “Fac” to determine how nuch the lower input blends in or sometimes it is instead of Value (Val in RGB > BW node). I know it means Factor but find it a bit wizard-languaged for most users and maybe these two could even be decoupled.

Maybe since this is Blender it could either be called Blend or Mask instead. Or let’s keep Factor but write it out in full, there is enough space it looks like.

I’m just happy it’s not Fak as it would’ve been in Czech shortened from Faktor.^^


F2 Add-on as default?


On the most recent build, depending on the theme, when adding a material to an object, they become transparent (Changing the viewport display option corrects it)


Empty space in this menu (Graph/driver editor):



Scrubbing animation with alt+scroll doesn’t work.
It is the most convenient way of time navigation for many tasks.


I get the logic in placing shading selection as it is, but the most widely used pairing is:
shaded vs rendered (or shaded vs wireframe).
It would be a bit of optimization to alter those with Z key, as well as placing them for Z+horizontal swipe, and moving Look/Wireframe shading to Z+vertical swipe.

Because it is a bit more straining on motoric attention to alter vertical/horizontal motion on every shading switch.


Weighted Normals - Face Strength

I am not sure if this is small enough to be a UI paper cut, but I think this definitely requires some attention.
Mesh -> Normals -> Set Strength/Face Select does not work at all. Unless Weighted Normal modifier is added and Face Influence is enabled. This is very confusing. Average Normals has Face Area option that should be able to use Face Strengths as well and it does not. Face Strength should be considered to be Face Data and controlled from the n panel same way as edge and vertex data is:


This image also raises a question - why is vertex data and edge data under Transform category?

At the moment Face Strength is in Properties Editor’s Active Tool and Workspace tab and at the top bar in the top right corner. There is no logic for these settings to be there, they have nothing to do with the Active Tool or Workspace.

I have seen only people who either don’t understand how this works or just think that it just doesn’t work at all because it’s in development. I thought that too at first glance.


Something like that maybe?..


Quote from this tweet:


Yes, I agree the ‘Dyntopo’ is needlessly abbreviated. We have generally been removing abbreviations over time in Blender, in favour of plain, clear language. It’s hard enough to learn to use a complex piece of software like Blender - if we don’t user normal words, we just make things needlessly difficult.

Users of 2.49 and earlier will especially remember some really obscure abbreviations used.

Agreed also on the warning. There’s a hidden way to dismiss, by pressing Esc, but that’s too hidden.


I remember those days, abbreviation everywhere but It was also kinda needed with the horizontal layout back then. I think concatenations in code are semi OK but funny thing is that it’s not always concatenated in the python UI code.

dynamic_topology_toggle, there are some places that uses dyntopo in the code.

What I meant with a OK, don’t show me anymore option is that once pressed it will not show up until you do a factory reset. I would like to see such a option. Because it’s kinda destructive in workflow to have to click OK all the times you enable dynamic topology.