Blender UI paper cuts



Hello everyone! Those icons with eight points doesn’t have any customization in user preferences. I can’t zoom it, hide it, change its color…


I can see where you’re coming from, but “View” can (and occasionally does) talk about “views” of any of the other “Areas” mentioned above (screenspace, GUI toolbars, 3d viewport, 2d animation, overlay options – i.e. grid’s display options, etc.) since “Toggle Sidebar” and “Toggle Toolbar” are also under the “View” menu option, and refer to the “View” of the GUI.


Menus like the “Overlays” menu should be restricted to direct user-interactivity.
If you’re switching constantly between quad view and perspective, a shortcut key to toggle between various viewport configurations would be better (and faster!)
An overlay-like menu would clutter up the basic interface for most users (who rarely use this functionality).

If you want this (without a full-fledged viewport configuration + viewport toggling system) maybe a pie menu would be better?


now that I have memorized the shortcut I almost do not need the menu anymore …
the problem occurs when one does not remember the shortcut but knows that the functionality exists …
I could have used the search … but I did not think about it … and sometimes it happens that one does not remember the name of the functionality …

the fact remains that it is an important option … it is not true that it is rarely used … especially if you do technical and precise design, it is very useful …
this function should be easily accessible with an icon or at the top level of the “view” menu


With blender having the new “click” and “click drag” events I don’t understand why blender don’t change all the shorcuts of the program to allow the old and new actions.


  • Click: Switch wireframe
  • ClickDrag: New pie menu


  • Click: edit mode
  • Click Drag: Mode pie menu

Shift+W (sorry I use this hotkey, Alt+M is crap)

  • Click: Merge Last
  • Click Drag: Merge Menu


  • Click: Delete actual components (for example)
  • Click Drag: Delete menu


  • Click: Favorites
  • Click Drag: Old Specials menu


  • click: Search
  • Click Drag: Toolbar

This new paradigm in Blender hotkeys could change all the program to a better way to use it for new and old users, allowing a hotkey to two things

  • Click: Basic Tool
  • Click Drag: Advanced Tool


In blender I never use the quad mode, but it’s true that in max for me it was a essential feature (but in blender, is easy to move objects in all axes without the quad view, in max it’s really hard). And also is really easy enter in this mode and don’t know how to go back, for a newbie.


I can see where you’re coming from with this.
Definitely a top-level “View” menu option to toggle these views would be great for the time-being.

For a more robust solution:
I’d suggest a dropdown + hotkey-based workspace AND viewport swapping solution that lets you swap between certain workspaces or, instead, viewport layouts (if already holding SHIFT when accessing the dropdown to “shift” to entire workspace switching, rather than just the view layouts.)
I’d make my own viewport AND workspace layouts to fit my monitors, save each, making each workspace OR viewport listing appear inside the dropdown (depending on whether the key I’m holding when accessing it is held down), then swap/toggle through them all (and wrap around) via a single hotkey press. If I’m only working with a small number of these, I can disable the ones I don’t want to cycle through via an overlay-style pop-up menu (by invoking it with a right-click, and unchecking ones I don’t want to cycle through).


hard to tell, right?


With “M” you cant move more objects to a collection.


This should work. If not it’s a bug.


It didn’t for some reason and now it does. In local view it removes objects (from local view) and I don’t think it should.


This two look options do exactly the same.



Exponent shadow control works with ESM shadows.
Bleed Bias works with VSM shadows.
shouldn’t the unused parameter be gray out? eevee can’t use both ESM and VSM at the same time


Are you sure that’s right? If so it’s easy to fix.


Yes, and there also should not be a non-descript option called Default, which isn’t even the default :stuck_out_tongue:


When filmic was introduced in blender for the first time i reported it as a bug, it seems that Base contrast does what it should do but none its forced to do something that coincidentally its the same as base contrast, both option literally does the same coming from different places.

Bretcht close the report and i Quote.
“… this is more a design discussion than a bug report at this point, closing since I don’t think there is anything to be fixed there even if may want to extend/change the design in the future.”

The entire discussion goes way above my head in the bug report but having two options that does the same doesn’t seem to be right.


I was referring to the issue of the Exponent shadow and the Bleed Bias.

Agreed on the confusion between None and Base Contrast.


about that its in the manual.
Also test it and yes Exponent seems to do nothing when vsm shadows are enable and the other way around at least i didn’t notice any change


Ok, seems you are right. This is trivially easy to fix - thanks.


I just bumped into this while working as well. Is there a reason for Auto Smooth not to be enabled automatically when adding a Weighted Normal modifier? Is there a case where anybody ever wants to add a modifier that does not work when added?.. That is one paper cut I get every time I add it.

Should it not be called Weighted Normals modifier instead of Weighted Normal as well?