Blender UI paper cuts



3d Viewport axis widget now disappears during transform operations.


It does not matter if it’s set to Interactive Navigation or Simple Axis in the Preferences. That’s probably one of the worst little things that bother me. It is going to be hard to get used to this since I always check the axis after starting rotation before I constrain it to x, y or z with the following keystroke. It does not seem to me like that’s a good time to hide it. It does remain during transform operations in the bottom left corner in previous versions and seems to be quite useful to me.


‘Now’? This has always been the case, back to at least Blender 2.0 in the late 90’s/early 2000’s. We could change it, but the header contents disappearing while transforming has always been the case.


@billrey , I am not talking about the header that the widget happens to be a part of now. I am talking about the widget itself. You can see it visible at the bottom left corner in the GIF in 2.79 view-port. As far as I know there is no way to replicate the functionality now. Maybe the view-port axis could be outside of the header if that is what causes it to disappear.

I think it would be nice to see the axes all the time, wasn’t that the whole point of it before it was meant for easier navigation with pen tablets and touch screens? It was there to help one know what the directions of the axes are in relation to the view. I find it useful during transform operations as well. Is this something that only makes sense to me?


The grid axis helps with this problem in my opinion…but I don’t see why it could not be kept. If you have grid disabled it may be useful though.
Also, it could be nice if it changes when double-tapping to reflect a local transform axis? I always have trouble remembering the local axes of my objects.


The grid lines are hardly ever visible in anything but most simple scenes. I am surprised I don’t see more people mentioning this, I work with archviz and have to rotate and move stuff precisely all day long viewing it from different angles. It sometimes gets a bit confusing with a lot of technical drawings imported as lines and the widget is really a lot of help to me if it is on screen all the time. I thought other people use it to know what they are looking at a lot as well. If it had other functions like showing local or selected transform orientations when they are active, that would be very cool as well, but that would be new features. To be honest after testing 2.80 on a real project for a few days, I think it would be amazing just to have the old functionality back as well. I think it is a matter of me not being used to it to some degree, but I also think it would make sense to be able to see it all the time no matter my habits and preferences. Just a little thing but it makes a small difference.


Yay, this papercut was fixed! Much love! :heart:


what was the reason to hide UI elements during object transformation in the first place, does it still hold? I don’t know if it is hard to implement, but could we have an option inside of settings (like transform on mouse release) to leave UI as it is?


restriction columns take up more visual space in the outliner than actual objects. I personally always end up hiding them completely, it would be nice if we could separately disable at least those we use rarely.


one suggestion would be to separate them in order to be able to activate them one by one



I know that many users have complained about the layout of object transformation properties and that @pablovazquez ended up changing it from a single column layout to a responsive one. I suggest to remove two column layout:


since it is harder to find a transformation label (Rotation or Scale) than in other two:




where we can scan either vertically or horizontally aligned labels


This would be nicer but I’m not sure if our layout engine supports this. Will investigate.


Unclear Add Collection icon.


I clicked on the last icon as I thought it was related to the search capability. But then I read the help text where it stated that it would create a new collection. It would be more clear if this icon suggested already that it would create something.

Another option would be to move the filter menu closer to the search menu as they are more functional related.


When I click on reset changes on a color when modifing a theme it changes to black.


This should have a ‘+’ on the icon or something – I had no idea what it was supposed to do either (just by looking at it).
Its current appearance suggests a dropdown box of some kind (maybe like the Overlay box) to me.

I would also ensure this icon is the first thing the user’s eye rests on when looking to the right of the searchbox – This is important because nothing in that strip suggests a user-executed "action" (that might add/remove anything from the scene!) should even be present there.
To help this special “action” standout, I’d put the funnel/filter on the left of (right up against) the searchbox, spacing it far away from the “add-collection” button (sitting on the far right) to ensure the user knows “these icons show what you’re looking for”, and “this icon manages/adds collections for you.”


“toggle quad view” too hidden …
it took me 10 minutes to find it …
I did not imagine it was in a sub-category “area” …
I think it’s more profitable to put it more evident on top under the “View” menu


There are so many things in blender that should be in the top level menu. I don’t now why things are made this way. It’s painful.

And yes, quad view should be easy to access. I even made a request before, to make this even easier to access, but no luck. :frowning:


first I looked for where it was usually in the sidebar … and I could not find it … then going for logic I thought it was in the “view” menu and I could not even find it …
then once activated … I needed to enable the options “box” and “lock” … and I went to look for them in the view menu–>area … and I did not find them … and guess where they are? in the sidebar! but the “quad view” options panel only appears if you activate “toggle quad view” from the “view” menu under the sub-category “area” …
… man came on! …


View -> Viewports -> Toggle Quad View <-- THIS

View -> “Area” -> Toggle Quad View

^^^ Which “Area” are we talking about? An “Area” in the 3d world? An “Area” in the GUI? An “Area” on the screen? The “Area” around the mouse cursor? – Being specific here would help. “Viewport” is a better term.


That control is so important that could be also near to the navigation gizmo with an icon


No. We are in the viewport already. This should be: View -> Toggle Quad View. Same for Top/bottom/front etc… No sub menus needed. And of course also my old request.


an icon -> with menu -> “options of the quad view”

like “overlays” menu