Blender UI paper cuts



Box selection does not mark the last point as active. Only point click.

(white point is active):


Great news, this will help a lot to adapt to the new icons.


There are many settings required (but disabled by default) to view some shaders in EEVEE (glass, sss, volume and so on). It would be handy if there is any kind of warning like,
“You are using a volume shader for your material but you cannot view it because the setting on the render tab is disabled.”
It would be even nice if blender asks, “Would you like to enable it?”


the same in object mode, if there is no active object selected before box select, nothing get active after box select, so i cannot for example join selected objects, ctrl + j does not work in such selection


This has probably come up, but I can’t find it.
I think tools should be coupled with a selection tool to select the faces, edges, or vertices that is going to operate on.


Can you define exactly what you mean?


There’s no great way to address this. The problem is that when you box select seleval verts or objects, how is Blender to know which one should be the active one? Currently you have to explicitly select something to make it active.

There are a few possibilities, such as making active the item that is closest to the point at which you started or ended your box selection, but that could also be quite jarring.


I was vague. I mean clicking and dragging should use the selection type of the select tool, unless it’s clicking in the tool’s gizmo, when the selected tool would come into action.

this wouldn’t function in loop cut, knife, and other.


i will stick with object mode and join objects, so maybe if i have few object selected, and not any is active, can join tool decide to chose random object from selection, make it active and finish operation ?


In Blender the double arrow icons jumps to prev/next keyframe:

However the double arrow icons are universally known as fast forward and fast backward:

To add to the confusion the go to start/end of range icons are called: FF and REW:


Looks like long operator menu is not scrollable, at least I didn’t manage to scroll ant landscape menu, tried mouse wheel, pgup/pgdn, arrows, mouse click&drag…


Right now change between sculpt brushes is worst than in blender2.79. Do the devs have any idea to improve the way to select brushes?

The only thing that blender2.79 needed about this was a improved brush selector popup (that resize when it’s necessary) and a hotkey to show over the mouse position (like in Zbrush). Now to select any brush you need to remember the brush type, change to that type of brush and then click in the brush icon to show the classic panel and then select the brush.

will we have a improvement on this? or do we have actually a way to avoid that?


Currently the active tool parameters display that is now an independent “pop-up” in the lower left corner of the 3dview has, as far as I know, no options for affecting its position on the screen. In a BA thread someone asked if there could be an option to get it closer to the mouse working area because on very wide screens it ends up being a long reach.

So something simple would be to have an option to center it in the view rather than being at the lower left, or ideally it might be nice to be able to drag it to any location in the view.

Edit: Ok, never mind, I can re-create the screen.redo_last keybinding to F6 that existed in 2.79 and that pretty much takes care of it. I think this would be a useful re-addition to the standard keymap. Searching shows no conflict with F6 as an available key.


The text of the buttons of the physics section on properties area are not centered

EDIT: and should the text “Enable physics for:” be justified to the right?


i vote for icons! :woman_factory_worker:


Dont know if it was here but the change of mouse cursor in sculpt mode with a dot would be appreciated.


To keep it clean all you would really need is for the tick marks to be longer to indicate each 90 degree.


hell yeah!
This is bugging me since ages.


Id like it if the add dialog (bottom left after adding a primitive) would allow for setting up sizes x, y and z when adding primitive. Currently it only allows one size for all axes.

Also I like the proposal in right click select which suggests to have a field called name above all others where the recently added object could be named. I think it’s a great idea.


It was a while before I noticed you can edit the world in the shadier tab. So similar to how the material nodes update depending on what object you have selected. I think it would be great if you deselect or have nothing selected then it would automatically go to the world nodes. It is a simple idea but faster way to work and faster way for beginners to discover.