Blender UI paper cuts



The cancel button is very close to the + button when saving a file.
This is a tiny thing but I can imagine a lot of people accidentally cancelling instead of increasing the version number of their file.

Realized I could use the shortcut + on my keyboard to avoid this while writing this post.



Can we get rid of obvious tooltips like this one?



ohhh i see
well it might just be me then, ime rather new in blender so
intuitively ime thing Settings for Shader editor is also called Shader somthing
but it was not
so godt confused as in earlyer versions “if i remember correct” when editing materials
it was called node editor, on the small tab where i switch between window content.



I’m a beginner in Blender, and I see that there are things that are different in Blender to other programs, such as the select menu.
In other programs (at least the ones I use) the option that is in use is always checked in the select menu, there is no confusion.

But in Blender the active option is not checked, and it always seems that there is one more option. For example, in the render engines option, it seems that we have four options, when in fact they are only three… quite annoying.


Where has the timecode style setting gone to in the user prefs? I can’t seem to find it…


Time Code is in Interface > Viewports > 2D Viewports.


Thanks. It’s really tricky finding stuff in User Prefs.


Hot damn. The Numpad+ keyboard shortcut to increment the filename in the Save Dialog is a great little hidden feature!


Just FYI, Timecode was under 2D Viewports in 2.7x as well. This hasn’t changed.


i think it’s the expanding/collapsing behaviour that’s throwing me off. Also, there’s not nearly enough indentation, and the dark-gray subheading colour is far too similar to the Light gray heading colour.




But the problem is that no one would expect to find timeline settings inside the 2d viewport section.


I can’t screenshot this since Windows doesn’t include the mouse, but I included a graphic.
When the mouse hovers over a window intersection it changes into the crosshairs to “split” the window. If you don’t split the window and instead return to the 3D view, the mouse stays that way until you move into another window such as the timeline, where it changes back to the default cursor.


Is it possible to save sculpt brushes in quickmenu but with their corresponding icon?.


Some weirdness when we add nodes in Shader editor:

  • Light falloff is under Color submenu, which makes no sense. The most logical place is “input” i think
  • Bevel node shouldn’t be under Vector?
  • Not sure if Vector Math is good where it is or if it also belongs to Vector submenu


Yes, nodes submenus needs a bit of atention, I also suggested that composites nodes as Alpha Over, Mix and Z combine should be in its own submenu, “composite”, and not in color.


The viewport color of a material should have an option to auto sync with the actual material colour.

It is too tedeous to match the viewport colour for every material.


Hi !

I would like to suggest a new UX paper cut:

When working in object mode with some kind of objects in Blender (curves, texts, empties, images, cameras, lights and force fields), we can right-click (or w special menu) to set properties like extrude/width/draw sizes, radius/size and energy for lights, camera lens angle, DOF distance, etc. This works by dragging the cursor away from the object and then confirm with action click.

My suggestion is to add the possibility to input numeric values for setting them like most other actions performed in edit mode directly in the viewport, without going to the properies panel.

This way, we can set directly with the numberpad the desired values without needing to drag the cursor far far away from the object several times outside of the window frame or going to the subpanels in the properties editor.

Does it sound good or is it contrary to some UX/UI paradigm ?

Thanks a lot !


You could always just scale your camera object down, which will accomplish the same thing essentially.


There’s no issue with this suggestion - it should be able to do this. We allow this for things like transforming already. Not sure why it doesn’t work in the cases you listed, but it should.