Blender UI paper cuts



Move to Collection should automatically focus the text input when revealed, and pressing ENTER should commit the name of the new collection even when the text box is in focus. Currently, you have to select the text box, type the name, then click OK, or hit ENTER twice.


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would be nice that the theming part of blender would me much more simple, at this point there is hundreads of colors to adress, it should be down to something like 5 colors that are always used everywhere so the palettes stay consistent and if you need to tweak the back of something because the contrast is not good enough you dont have to go through the whole theme trying to do that.


In the Image Editor if you right click on an image, a black bar appears at the bottom showing some info… How can we change the colors of it (text/background)? This seems totally incompatible with the default theme.


I think Sidebar duplicated Transform from Properties-> Object. If you remove Transform from Sidebar (dimensions move to Properties-> Object), then you can win a lot of space in Sidebar (for add-ons). Wouldn’t it be better to turn Sidebar into Add-onbar?


Yeah, I never saw the point of having those duplicates cluttering the UI.


Do you use the sidebar in edit mode? It has a lot of utility for placing vertices at exact positions (usually for placing verts on a mirror plane so they merge). It also holds the bevel weight and skinning radii inputs for verts.


Yes, I use Sidebar in edit mode. And I think it should be in Active Tool-> Transform.


At the expense of cleaning Sidebar. I think some elements are out of place.
For example:
2 1. The Location Panel of the 3D cursor. It should be in the Active Tool (when you click on the 3D cursor icon in the Toolbar). 3 2. Similarly with Annotations.
7 3. Add icons to Physics (I did not find an icon for Rigid Body and for Rigid Body Constraint).


It’s not only useful in Edit mode as abatea describes, it comes very very handy in Object mode (for various purposes) and Pose Mode (for animators alike) as well. And specially, when we take into consideration of going full screen for the 3D Viewport editor and still you have these utilities on the sidebar panel.

As for making more space for add-ons, it’s already grouped under default View vertical tab, and you can have your own custom add-ons with a specific and different bl_category name for bpy.types.Panel class object (which will make it appear as a different vertical tab, which in turn makes it much easier to manage, organise and segregate things of common utility of your choice)


You still can’t apply scale to instanced meshes (multi-user bodies as Blender likes to call it). :frowning:

EDIT: Also, it STILL says “not yet implemented” when you right-click a mesh and choose unlink/make single-use… what the heck, it’s been like this for years now?


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UV Editor - UI Improvements

  • A button to add a simple image texture and a material (at the same time) to a slot on the selected object or faces.

  • A faster UI to manage layering textures (instead of digging into the node graph) by using buttons like the one mentioned above to automatically connect relevant nodes for you. To further this – the ability to define the types of nodes to add when the “Add Layer” button is clicked (and automatically connect them where possible so that they will display). Most times we “stair-step” particular node groups, so these “Add/Remove” buttons would append/remove the nodes in the graph based on NodeLayer ID (the nodes could be given a “Layer ID” for this explicit purpose of adding/removing or connecting them as a group from the graph.)

  • A tool or button to align vertices as a grid (for fast texturing of quads), or repeat them horizontally or vertically at particular pixel intervals (by typing the number directly in the viewport, then a “,” then another number)


I’ve always found it annoying that the name of a modifier is hidden unless you set an unreasonable width to the properties panel, justified only to show the modifier name, but creating useless empty space for all other elements of the properties panel, and reducing space for the 3D view.

Although the idea of having modifiers with only one line on the header sounds better, maybe adding one line so the name of the modifier could be visible would be a good idea, or some other solution. I would keep the name, up/down arrows, and X in the same line and put elsewhere the display options.


UI inconsistency:

Merge vertices isn’t a submenu (requiring two clicks), while Snap vertices is…

(Snap vertices is also missing its Shift-S shortcut hint.)


I swear I read somewhere (perhaps this very topic) that you could enter new transform coordinates for multiple objects instead of just the active with some keyboard shortcut. But there’s no evidence of this in the UI. I think there was a color indicator once you hit the correct shortcut, but I can only find the little dot which turns the input field yellow which indicates animation…

EDIT: Friendly irc person told me it’s alt-enter. It really should have a button as well!


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The name “Object” in the view port has always confused me, I always click it expecting to see objects. I have no clue why it is named that so I renamed it to “Options” because it also starts with O so it feels familiar. I wanted to call it Edit since they are all editing options but but that is already used. image
I scratched out the other Object word to clean things up since adding the word object makes it feel like the option is limited to solid objects… There is also the Obj format to add to the confusion, it generally isn’t the clearest word to use in my opinion.


Yes this I agree with a lot, one rarely uses the 3D cursors location thingy, and though the annotations is even more used, still I think it’s not necessary to have it so much in your face.


I also had these concerns, and made this quick mockup: Blender UI paper cuts a while ago