Blender UI paper cuts



In the 3d view header, some of the options are for that viewport only, while some effect the entire scene. For example, the collections popover applies to all viewports while the selection popover right next to it only applies to that viewport.

It may be worth either making all settings here per viewport, or moving the global settings to the right side of the window header or top bar.



align object tool - checkbox

I think it is more handy and more intuitive to use checkbox for align object tool, it is one less key to press in case i want to select more than one axis, and it is obvious straight away that i can select more than one axis rather than adding to selection with Shift + click


It can’t. SHIFT + W is bend. Better keep it simple. “W” can be whatever you have selected in tools. (It would be mostly rectangle selection. Others are ctrl + right - Lasso , “C” for circle)


If you create an armature (single bone) then subdivide the bone (right click menu) then separate one of the bones (shortcut P) then ctrl+Z to undo, while the separated bone will return to the armature, a copy of the separated bone will still remain as a separate object (or maybe the copy was re-joined and the original remained separated? I don’t know).
Not sure if its a bug or designed this way?


Why “indices” option is only avilable when developer extras is enabled?

It vert order is very technical stuff, but counter to description it is not only for developers.
Tools for vert reorder are avilable from regular menu (mesh/sort), but to display them You need to enable debug.
Imo it should be avilable at least from search menu.


The camera triangle could be transparent, sometimes it blocks the view.



This is especially annoying in image or UV editor, with Blender dark theme, I was really confused why I can’t do anything on the right side, only after a while I noticed where the problem can be. Even worse, when painting in image editor I use Ctrl+Middle mouse click to zoom. When I do it on either side it’s scaling icons or tabs.


Shift generally means “move slowly” but not for fly mode, where it means “move faster”. That’s inconsistant


The camera triangle is opaque to indicate the active camera. How would you know which one is active then?


Correct safe areas values please. Old timer “paper cut”. :frowning:


Agreed… but maybe it doesn’t have to be such a huge opaque triangle?
A triangle with 1/4 of it’s size would do the same function just as well…


It has always bothered me that the orientation of the empty types doesn’t seem to be consistent with themselves or other objects. For example a camera or lamp will point down, but the arrow empty will point up visually and the circle and cone will point to the Y axis


Would it be possible to use Lumen as a general measurement of light intensity? Having no unit is quite vague and you can not establish a relation with the real world.


+1 Also bothers me that the default orientation for a camera object is -Z.
How often do you need a camera looking down? It seems to me logical thing would be to be pointing +Y or at least horizontally.
Logic was probably that when you are in camera view moving sideways is local X axis and moving up/down is local Y

All empties should probably just point +Z, but this is likely subject to personal preference


@theois just for multiple instances: I think you may terminate the command with “&” to unlink the program from the terminal.
ex. ./blender &


The normal widgets do not support Escaping editing. In other words, if you start rotating the sphere you can not use Esc or RMB to cancel.



When it happens (ex. when opening a very old file with horizontal menu or a file for a different screen size laptop vs 4k) I normally do:
ctrl + n //reload start-up file
ctrl + O //to open a file: this should be already in the last directory with the last filename already there
uncheck Load UI and press Enter

Just sharing my workflow,


As “right click select user”, I hope to see icon which can lock 3d cursor tempolary.
When locked, 3d cursor will change color (or locked icon is layered) . So we may never forget, it is locked.
it avoid my “right click” do wrong, then pivot change (3d cursor) place , when I hope to she work
as transfrorm pivot.

And even though it not offered as icon, this option should be expected as 3d cursor tool option.
and properties. I think,


I think it will be better if we have an option to enlarge the active editor in its own axis. (Axis means the way it can enlarge. Please see the attached image.)

In the picture1 you can see the outliner and properties editor. Many times I want to enlarge the outliner for different operations. Also I frequently use the material tab to edit the material settings. It is difficult to grab and drag the border of these editors every time. Instead if I press some short cut on the active editor, make the editor expand itself to its full length. for example, active editor is outliner > I press some shortcut > Then properties editor shrinks and outliner expands. ( like in picture2 ).

And If the active window is properties editor, then outliner shrinks and properties editor expands to its full length.(picture 3).


Yes, I tend to think of them(editor areas) and use them as drawers/shelves as well, this would be great.