Blender UI paper cuts

As of right now there are 3560 posts in this thread. Imo it’s big and popular enough to arguably justify an entire subforum just for paper cuts. Although that’s not gonna necessarily resolve the ease of looking for duplicates. Instead of a single 3.5k post thread, you’ll get, what, 1000+ separate couple-posts-long threads? - at the very least, if duplicates in individual threads are spotted, it’d presumably be clearer to moderate by closing/redirecting/merging in what ever way seems appropriate. Also, topics that are confirmed resolved could easily be closed.


I’d love to request two new defaults for the Principled BSDF:

  1. Default to Multiscatter GGX.
    As far as I know Multiscatter GGX is more physically accurate than GGX, so why not set it as the default?

  2. Default to Random Walk SSS.
    Random Walk is a more effective SSS algorithm than Christensen-Burley, so why should users have to switch every time they use SSS?

This would save users four clicks every single time a new Cycles material is created.



When you rotate a bone in Pose Mode, there is no Guizmo that shows the relationship between the direction of movement and the Location attribute, this is because the axis is oriented in relation to the bone in Edit Mode (it’s internar father).
When Parent objects the same thing happens, the axis of location that we animate, internally is the father local axis.
I think it would be nice to be able to show with a Guizmo the axes that we are definitely animating.
New coordinates called Parent should be added, or renamed Glimball as Internal, to show the axes that are really being animated, just as Glimball does for rotations.


Display the parent matrix ? that’s a good idea. I’m sure it is very simple to add. That would be even more useful if we could change the transformation order but I guess this won’t happen anytime soon.

As far as I’m aware they both increase rendertime dramatically…

:slightly_frowning_face: Regular SSS also takes its time to get rid of noise, and speed standards are shifting every year, with users upgrading their hardware.

If you have hundreds of objects in a scene, it would be nice to be able to right-click in the outliner to collapse all so you don’t have to scroll forever to move around the hierarchy.

EDIT: Ugh… the forum crops my image… click on it to see the full list… or at least what fit on my monitor (722 objects).


Yes things like that should indeed be in the context menu. Right now you can achieve that with the left and right arrow keys for selected items and plus and minus on the numpad for all elements.

There is collapse command in right click menu / numpad minus. But it only collapses on level at time so you need to press it few times.

Shift + A (outliner.expanded_toggle) collapses / opens all levels at same time but it’s not in right click menu for some reason :thinking:

The outliner context menu is also missing some other things:

Better Control for Deleting Elements

It should consist two or even three different delete methods

  • Delete with Hierarchy (Children)
  • Delete without Hierarchy ( what is the current default)
  • Delete Children Only (Keep Parent)

Better Control for Grouping and Parenting

Parenting isn’t available from within the outliner at all. Not even the shortcut.

So a shortcut for it should be added for both keymaps.

Currently these commands can’t be triggered from the object collection menu, but this would help alot

  • Move to Collections
  • Make parent ( Move to Object )

So Grouping to Collections and Parenting should both get entries in the outliners object context menues.

The Make parent options should get an update to make it more similar to the collections popupmenu. It should also include:

  • Parent to New Empty
  • And Object should get renamed to “Active Object”

To be consistent for these cases I thnk the active object should then also not be moved if it’s not part of the selection


In the Video Sequence Editor when hitting “x” you are asked if you want to “erase” instead of “delete”.
This makes the interface inconsistant because the shortcut for deleting something elsewhere is xd while in the VSE it is xe.
Is there a particular reason for this?


when remapping something, finding what you’re looking for can be a pain… In some cases, when there are too many materials to fit in your screen, whatever doesn’t fit, can’t be accessed. Would it be possible to have the list be in alphabetical order or have filters, like last modified, ascending, descending, etc and also have it be scrollable?


It would be nice when hovering over a folder or file (in the File Browser) that it displays its full name. That would be useful for when we have names that are too long.

Hover over file or folder


Offset value in Bevel tool is irrelevant cause its overwritten by modal anyway


Thanks! Good point. I recently updated the bevel active tool UI but I guess I didn’t think that part through.

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It is possible to animate Focal Lenght when it is in Millimeters

But not when using Degree

In degree, the reset default value is 0 whereas it is 50mm in millimeters.


You can Shift+Drag and drop one object onto another to parent in the outliner.

@Zsolt_St: Thanks, but I knew that.

The benefits of having a grouping/parenting menu directly in the outliner as shortcut is

  • the menu has more options for the parenting process, but currently we have to leave the outliner to trigger it
  • for parenting many objects at once you would not have to deal with dragging many elements with a pressed LMB and scroll in parallel in the outliner via mousewheel to find the correct parent
  • currently there is no way to directly group existing objects under a new empty, as it is possible for collections via “Move to collection”.

I have a small papercut with scrolling inside small window sizes, it seems really slow!


Papercut: We cannot drag and reorder Objects in the Outliner (2.82). If the user unchecks “Alphabetical Order” in the filters then they should be able to reorder any item in the Outliner in any arbitrary order by clicking and dragging on it (except for the root Scene Collection, probably, since it’s holding everything).

Currently we can do this with Collections (see image below), so there’s already code related to reordering things in the Outliner by dragging, it just needs to be implemented for all object types and not just for Collections.

(Side note: Can that black line between collections have its color changed in the Theme? It’s not in the Outliner section and I don’t know where else to look.)

I’ve found 3 proposals on right click select related to this: