Blender UI paper cuts

When you press G to move, you can’t write “2mm” as a distance. The shortcut doesn’t understand units of measurement.


The “selected objects” checkbox for FBX exports always reverts to not being selected every time you restart Blender, even if you’ve manually saved preferences in between (and even if preferences are set to save on exit).

It would be nice to be able to click the “random” color button in the solid mode shading options to select a new seed for object color randomization. Right now, it seems to hinge on the object name, so if two objects next to each other get very similar colors, it’s very tedious to generate a new color set.



I think that the down-arrow in the header to sort alphabetically the column “Name” should be flipped: Ascending order points up in the “industry standard realm”

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There is no “invert normals/flip face” option in the right click menu for faces.


Teport this feedback here too, maybe mano-wii (the guy who works on snapping tools) is easier to see.
Although I can already add that he probably already knows about it, and is part of the expected functions but has not yet developed it

If you have made a selection in the viewport, shift clicking in the outliner cancels that selection instead of adding to it:

GIF 30.01.2020 12-52-32

EDIT: Note sure if this is for armature only, but it’s very bad for consistency…

  • Clicking on an object in the viewport and then shift clicking on an armature makes that armature the active object.
  • Clicking on an object in the viewport and then shift clicking on an armature in the outliner does not make that armature the active object.

Not sure if this is ui related but it seems in 2.81 the edges seem to vanish when viewed from certain angles which makes selections really annoying. Here is a sample pic with the view moved slightly which reveals the edge. No double verts, flipped faces, modifiers or anything weird in the model.


Other annoying issue is with the outliner is that excluding a collection from view (the checkbox) resets the visibility of all objects in that collection. In other words all objects are unhidden. So if you have 50 objects with 10 turned off (say boolean objects you don’t want visible) icon they are all turned back on when you toggle the checkbox for the collection.

The alt-h being broken is also annoying (effects hidden collections) but this makes me think there is some kind of agenda or a bug in blender to always reset the object visibilities user has set in blender for his objects because of… why? Alt-h should not affect hidden object visibilities and neither should toggling “exclude from view layer” reset hidden object settings. If I wanted to reset hidden object settings I’d use the eye icon with shift key for the collections…

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It would be very nice to be able to add units when pressing G to move


There is one thing driving me nuts. It would be nice to be able to change options on exit popup with keyboard arrows. Right now it works only with mouse input.
I’m talking about this:


You can press the underlined keyboard keys: S, D or C, like everywhere else in Blender.


Why not both? It’s not like you need that keybindings for anything at this point. Besides, changing menu option with arrows is not groundbreaking concept, and it’s present in all major operating systems.


Yes, I second that. :slightly_smiling_face:


I tried… and people are trying… maybe one day we’ll have it… :wink:


Add Texture button plus sign [+] not centered? :thinking:


pie menu’s cant be escaped by pressing another pie menu shortcut, you have to press escape instead or choose an option.

For example if you press the full stop key to check what transform orientation is set to, you cant then press comma to swap to the pivot point pie menu.

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you can’t render an environment pass without the objects masking it out. You have to render twice (the second time with all the objects hidden so you just get the environment)

Not sure if this has been posted ,but this is extremely annoying. Try to click and drag a node and it toggles the bool property starting at the red box.




having to connect 3 wires for a cryptomatte. Why not just have one socket instead of 3 and let the node sort that out internally.


If you have an opened file & you try to save from the menu there is no info message in the statusbar that indicates that saving has happened, unlike the shortcut which u have to use to confirm that it saved.

Add the same info message.

There are other types of warnings and infos that could be added, probably they’re not suited to mention as paper cuts but this one is.

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