Blender is moving in the wrong direction


I’m not faulting the blender development team for not reading my mind. I’m just not a fan of them replacing existing shortcuts, tools, or workflows for ones that don’t work as well or are less efficient.

Merging doesn’t work like it used to before. Its part of the context menu only in vert select mode. I’m uploading a video right now demonstrating this.

Why isn’t shift + z what you use to pull up the pie menu. Why replace the original button and add a modifier to it to do what you could do with 1 button before.

I hope active tools go away or at least just become an option in the preferences that can be turned off by default.

I’m not a fan of autodesk products, with the exception of Fusion 360, but if blender is going to try and mimic them and become as inefficient as them then I might as well switch and gain the benefits that those programs offer. If these changes become the foundation or new standard for tools and updates in the future then how ineffecient is blender going to be 6 months or a year from now.


@Ouro, I agree with most of your points and I was suprized when I saw like automerge got removed, I was like WHAT THE F*.

But at the end developers aren’t as mad, it was just moved to the mesh options, it lives with X Mirror now:


I don’t use automerge because I don’t like my programs doing anything that I don’t specifically tell them to do. Sometimes I want verts overlapping for various reasons.


Here is a video demonstrating some of the issues I think are present right now.


I appreciate the time you put into this, but I really do not have the time to watch a 40 minute video. We get feedback from thousands of users here and in other places, I can’t spend that much time on feedback from one user.

Please just write a concise text, and perhaps read back some of the earlier discussions in this forum which cover many of the topics you bring up.


I’m sorry but this just looks like one of those “Don’t change my Blender” cases from people who are unable to adapt to new/better workflows. Also it seems like you just don’t know yet how to use some of the new features/tools. So give it a week.
Also you better nuke that video, it just makes you look bad.

Pointless complaints.


Right click on any tool on the toolbar and choose assign shortcut. Other than using this workflow for setting shortcuts, you can use “wm.tool_set_by_name” and make the “Text” field say what ever tool you’re hoping to invoke using the same name that shows up in the tooltips. (Extrude Region, Loop Cut, Spin, etc.)

I see what you mean about the merge menu. I never used that except in a script that didn’t require me to first use a shortcut and then choose what I want from a menu. I almost always use automerge, but have a shortcut key to toggle that. In other words, I didn’t realize there was an issue because that’s not the way I work.

I don’t want to make your entire argument seem invalid, because you make some good points, but to come on here and say Blender is moving in the wrong direction and make a good bit of your argument based on not being able to select through widgets AND then say that ALL other software suffers from the same issue AND then say that you’re going to switch to another software seams pretty strange to me. You’re going to leave some software where you have a clear option at start up to get rid of the behavior you obviously loath only to start using some other software that doesn’t even give you that option is beyond strange to me.


I understand. I got tired of addressing the same few points that people kept making over and over again so I figured a video would just be easier and would better demonstrate the issues with the current version of blender.

The TLDR version is that having multiple functions mapped to left click doesn’t work well. Right click was better and avoids a lot of issues and is iconic for blender.

Active tool stick around even when you no longer want them which is annoying. Its like having a piece of tape stuck on your that you just can’t get rid of without it sticking to another part of you.

Being user friendly is great but a lot of these new changes just destroy existing workflows without really being any more user friendly than blender already was.


I had to create an entire video to address lazy people like you. I’ve explained it in the post and the video. I’ve provided my reasoning for why certain tools aren’t working and provided suggestions for how they can be changed. All you have done is made the same lazy argument over and over again without actually addressing anything I’ve said or providing any reasoned counter argument. The only pointless complaints are coming from you.


You make great points about not being able to dismiss a tool easily. Right now, it looks like using the w key is the only way, which doesn’t work well.

I’m really happy continuing my workflow of using the keyboard mostly. It’s the fastest way to work. I’m pretty sure the main driver of the left click select decision was making blender more friendly to people just picking it up, which is very valid. Right click select made me think I was using buggy software the first several times I downloaded and tried blender. Experienced users know that right click select is a better way of doing things and will choose the big right click select button at startup.


No, you are the lazy here. A lot of the things you talked there are solvable by using the right tool or enabling some settings etc… Like I said, give it a week or just ask how to do certain things in 2.8 before bringing the “don’t change my blender” panic.


I think the point is pretty clear. Maya and Max are industry standard, have a amazing tools, and integrate easily into other programs like Unreal Engine but are a pain to use. If blender is going to be a pain to use also but not provide any of those other things then why not switch?

I can’t rewrite how blender functions through the options menu regardless of how flexible it is. Even if I could undo all of these “bad” changes without losing the stuff thats good blender will be continued to be developed along these lines so how long before changing it in the preferences isn’t practical or possible. The changes made in 2.8 will propagate through out the rest of blenders development. Thats what I mean by its moving in the wrong direction.


@Ouro I’m also considering asking my bosses to use Maya instead of a blender. After years of using it, I don’t understand a thing, I don’t know why they want to change everything without a compelling reason.


its sad to see what’s happening, at the end, looks like it was a bad decision to stick with blender, its not about adapting to changes, its about choosing how much to change for a given benefit.


It’s amazing. The 2.7x keymap is even still there, I really don’t know what you guys want.

I’s always the same thing, happened with 2.5. You guys just need some time to understand it.


we understand everything, It just feel like a backstabbing.
Not that we dont like the evolution of blender, just that blender hasnt actually evolved much and just made things worse. I t might be impression but for me, it was just a strong shuffle to the user interaction.

“oh 2.7 keymap is still here”, temporairly, untill it get removed like bge was because no one gave attention to it.
“adapt to changes!” what changes? I dont see any chages besides Eevee, a toolbar hard to use and the removal of a bunch of shortcuts.
“Left keymap is industry standard” It should not be about blender coming to industry, its about industry coming to blender.


You don’t see any changes other than Eevee? Are you ■■■■■■■ kidding me? Bevel shader, principled volume shader, contour mapping, improved normal handling, bevel improvements, ability to put something (anything) on the left click other than the cursor, increased render speed for cycles, ability to use gpu and cpu simultaneously for renders, ability to manipulate keyframes in the timeline, built in measurement system, improved units handling, unlimited layers (collections), ability to edit directly in a rendered view via the overlay system… I can go on if I need to, but there is no use. You WANT to hate the new version and no one could possibly change your mind.


Those changes dont need adaptation.


I want to reiterate something here. Before 2.8 you literally HAD to have the cursor assigned to one mouse button or the other. There was no way AT ALL to assign anything other than the cursor to the second most important button on your computer.


Keep the promise of the code quest could be a good first step. Not change the ui, underestimating and ignoring a lot of users, without any reason and improvement, with the only target of break workflows could be a good second step,… all that things were warned, make a new good experience without break old users experience, that second part was ignored.

And stop treating like madmen who complain to all those who don’t think like you, with an air of superiority, it would also help.