Blender is moving in the wrong direction


I think the topbar by it’s very definition should be at the top as it is, however I would argue that it currently features some things that it shouldn’t. Take for example the drop-down options panels docked to it’s right. Those belong in the properties side panel of the space the options are from, in the case of your screenshot: 3d view in Weight Paint mode.

As for reach-ability, I’m inclined to argue that the top bar should always remain at the top, however there should also be a pop-up panel that can be summoned by a shortcut that would appear at the mouse cursor to give access to the items of the top bar anywhere you chose to summon it. Lets call it quick access panel.


@brecht, @billrey , I hope you are following, there some good ideas poping here.


you red my mind, u can say i made a similar example here.


I’m not a professional (beyond doing some freelance work), but I very much agree.

UI and control wise I don’t like any of the new stuff in 2.8 at all.

The gizmo stuff looks fancy, but it is useless for anyone who knows how to use hotkeys. It is a mild annoyance for me personally, but it points to Blender and future addons going in a new (and less efficient) direction.

I don’t think most people understand the significance of switching to left click select. It doesn’t swap the function of the left and right mouse buttons, but just stack everything on one instead. This leads to mis-selection, accidental movement of objects, and removes the ability to deselect a tool.

Standard hotkey for deselect is now Alt+A instead of just A. That’s just slower.

The T-tab is gone, and all the addon settings are now jammed into the already full N-menu (where lots of rigging functionality also ends up), making it a ridiculously messy and long scroll list.

In place of the T-menu, some 100% useless buttons have been added, which only serve to make Maya/Modo users feel more at home. They will just stop new people from learning how to use Blender properly, and that can lead to even slower standard workflows in the future.

Pie menu is now integrated, seemingly at the expense of the neat dropdown menus. This only slows down the workflow and leads to much unecessary clicking and mouse movement. Clicking a hotkey doesn’t land you on the previous function used and you have to spend more time and energy to find what you’re looking for when everything is spread out in a random circle (alternatively memorize all the positions).

Space is now a standard playback hotkey instead of for searching, like anyone needs a playback hotkey available at all times…

The monochrome UI icons just makes everything less discernable, and that also steals time when you’re working.

I love Eevee, grease pencil and other new features, but the UI is just getting dumber and slower it seems. Though most of it can be adjusted to work like it did, it will affect new users and Blender design philosophy in general. It will in turn lead to addons that follow the same slow principles, which further solidifies the direction of Blender development. Many refute this by saying that you can still change back to left-click and all, but that’s a bit irrelevant. Kind of a bad comparison, but in Maya you can also adjust hotkeys for most functions, but it’s still a slow, clunky mess, because most people use the standard setup and that’s what everything is built around.

But I get it. I get that Blender wants to be more inviting to new people and Maya-users, to become more accepted in the industry. That’s great. But please don’t dilute Blender’s strengths to make it more accessible. There are better ways to do this. Make the huge transform buttons optional, don’t throw out the T-menu (just hide it by default, if you don’t want it to be in the way), and maybe SWAP the left and right mouse keys instead of killing one of them?

Also, the good stuff: I’m very happy to see that we can finally use right click for something more useful than placing the cursor (which almost no one places manually anyway). Collections also seem like a good idea, though it’s still a bit confusing to me.

More changes I actually want are these:

  1. Give me a proper warning before overwriting a file - a red text box is not enough. Sometimes I accidentally double-tap a key and kill my work. Has also happened when I accidentally ‘export’ instead of ‘import’ an OBJ or something.
  2. Even edge extrusion (extrusion that maintains the size ratio instead of scaling more/less in one direction based on the shape of the object) - Currently you have to use an addon for this very basic function.
  3. More CAD-like control options in general, with measurements.
  4. Some sort of warning system for when you undo in object mode (and subsequently lose all your history in edit mode)
  5. Automatic Flagging of animation Actions and other data THAT EVERYONE OBVIOUSLY WANTS TO SAVE
  6. Automatically search in the file browser when you start typing

Thanks to all the developers, for the amazing work you do on Blender.


I have to say I agree 100% with the UI complaints where toggles were turned into pie-menus. Toggling between object and edit mode, and between solid and wireframe are things I used 10 times as often as any of the other options on those pie menus. I lose so much time with the pie menus.

Ouro’s suggestion about restoring these toggles, and shifting the pie menu onto holding those keys is right on the mark.


Hi all.
I get your frustrations on the changes to Blender, but come on guys. Ton and the development team are clearly working their backsides off and doing an amazing job on transforming Blender. I have used autodesk products for the past 20 years, specializing in Revit. I am not a Blender expert but I am more than happy to accept the changes being made to Blender.
I want to give a shout out to Ton and the development team. Well done guys. Freakin amazing job you guys are doing. Ton, you are awesome for giving Blender to any and everyone who wants to use it.


I’m a hobbyist and used Blender for the last 5 years to create models, textures and rigs for mods I’m working on.

What I don’t get is that you have all old functionalities there too and it can behave almost like Blender 2.79 with just a couple of clicks and some hotkey tweaking.

From the past weeks I tested 2.8 I love all the changes and you can still use the old hotkey based workflow and it’s still as fast. Also, I never pressed the buttons for the modelling tools in the T panel and the tool icons look more intuitive for new users, which is a good thing.

Making Blender more user friendly while still maintaining it’s workflow is a good direction it takes :+1:


@Rekov It’s not a rocket science to change two shortcuts… Don’t like it? Change it - simple. If something like that is to complicated or too much work, than…


its not rocket science, its data science. ok if thats so easy, show us how to add back the object convert menu… then imagine that its just one of the various removed shortcuts.


right click -> “add to quick favourites” on the menu entry.
do you even 2.8 bro? :slight_smile:


Not, quick favourites, I mean the MENU: “OBJECT_MT_something”.


Simply add a new shortcut in Preferences > input > 3d View > Object Mode > Global
With the operator/action “object.convert”(without quotes) and whatever shortcut you like.
To find out operators go to preferences > interface and enable Python tooltips.
When hovering over a button or menu item the operator will be displayed.
Or simply open 27x preset and search for old shortcuts.

The other way is to right click a button or a menu item and chose assign shortcut. It doesn’t work for parent(group) menu entries unfortunately for now.


There is no option to see the idname or assign the sortcuts of menus, you have to dig into the python shell if you want to get a menu name.



Again, I mean the whole MENU, not a single menu item:

You know, what if I want the “W” menu to not be mapped to W, what I do?


As i wrote before

That is why i suggested to use the shortcut/input editor.

In the input editor you can search by key-binding. Just search for “w” and uncheck it or change it for object, mesh and whatever else.

If you’ll do as i wrote in the previous post you’ll have the whole “convert to” submenu under your shortcut just like in B2.7x.


Yeah, I know, but suppose you deleted the keymap, forgot the idname of the menu and want to add it back.

Did you know that the “Sub Group” is a menu just like W menu, but since its not exposed anywhere, its impossible to create a shortcut for it, the only way is to dig into UI code to find the bl_idname in the class definition.


Suppose the world will end tomorrow, and you want to eat spaghetti, i don’t care :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
The input editor is not perfect and could be better, but that is not the point here.
It could be just a simple text file, for all i care. All it matters is that you can change the shortcuts to your liking. You can even use the preset from B2.7x. And it is not that hard only requires a little bit of thinking and searching.
Off course the editor is not perfect and could be improved.


I’ve used Blender for 5 years professionally. Before that many programs (mostly 3ds Max) professionally for 20 years. Besides crashing and the fact that many addons haven’t been ported, blender works exactly the way it used to for me. I set my keymaps once and I’m ready to work like I always have. A lot of your points are shortcuts that would have been cool to see in 2.8, but you’re faulting the software because no developers read your mind and put them in there and no other software works in the way you describe? That seems weird.

Merging verts works fine in edge and face mode. Turn on AutoMerge in the Mesh Options. The new shortcut for switching to wireframe mode is Shift+Z. It works out of the box. It’s an easy switch to change it back to Z, but I would recommend keeping the shading pie menu (especially in advanced mode) I use it quickly turn overlays on and off.

I do see your point with how the active tools are more of a hassle than the previous transform gizmos, but those are known issues and are active tasks.

If you really want to go to autodesk software, that’s fine with me, but I experienced much worse issues than what you are describing when I was a subscriber. The grass isn’t greener over there. It’s just more expensive. It is really odd to have all you guys saying “my workflow has changed with 2.8, so I’m going to start using different software.” You know that autodesk software also doesn’t work in the way that 2.79 did, right?


I thought I’d also point out that while Blender occasionally changes it’s workflow and interface (every 10 years or so) AutoDesk just piles new workflows up on top of old ones leaving you with a big mess. They dropped Mental Ray as the built in renderer to Arnold. I would be pissed about that right now if I were still using 3ds Max for anything other than converting files. And of course there’s the big hit to your workflow in that Autodesk can just decide on a whim that they are going to end-of-life your software like they did with Softimage. Talk about changing your workflow, how about being forced to change your software.