Blender 2.8 Wireframes Discussion


For some strange reason some developers hate facedots now. So they had to make the edges thicker to be able to distinguish between edge mode and face mode.


I understand that, but they made facedots as an option, so why not make the same with edges


I have asked for a custom edge width, but without answer.


Just interested, does anybody think that new thick lines are better?


Not me. I really dislike thick lines.


I sincerely prefer that the faces always have facedots and to whom that doesn’t like, disable them, and leave the edges with the normal thickness. Or to put an option to graduate the thickness…


No, it’s currently in a bad state. Most of the current mesh display drawings in 2.8 are inferior to previous versions, and afaict no plans have been made to improve them.


This is what really bothers me, it doesn’t look like they’re going to get improved in the meantime.


communication with developers on this aspect has been very poor. We spent 6 months complaining about the wireframe with dithering that was unusable, asking for it to be fixed,… and not a single change. Then, after complaining a lot, we saw the patch that changed two numbers in a single line of code and fixed the problem.

They could have changed it the first day, for doing us the favor of being able to work with the wireframe…

I wouldn’t be surprised if this complaint, which has been on the table for a long time now, changes from one day to another, with two changes in a line of code, in Blender2.81.Like a lot of problems of the actual system that are only little things for a coder.

  • default color of the wireframe
  • default color of the background
  • default X-ray value
  • Grid drawing over the wireframe.
  • Hard to see active face
  • Outline drawing over other objects (Pain in the ass)

I think that probably all this problems can be solved in few minutes and few changes in the code, maybe the only hard to solve is the grid drawed over the wireframe, and cannot be so hard to solve.


So, everyone is disliking the new edges thickness in edit mode (along with the anti aliasing issues that comes with it)
I wonder if they are going to change it at all, because personall I can’t use the software in this state.

Did devs ever say anything on this issue?


It’s usable: I can see vertices, edges and faces, and I can select them, likewise objects. But, the displays of what I’m building really need some polish, and I have to assume that is being worked on. The line aliasing, the line thickness, the vertices that seem to hide behind edges, or display as half dots, or some kind of smudge … sloppy, shoddy and amateurish. This kind of thing will drag 2.80 down. I’m used to clean and clear displays of what I’m working on in any other 3D software that I use, but this is not delivering on that, and again, it will drag it down. Sure, it’s in beta, and like I said, I assume it’s on the refine list, because although I can use 2.80, every moment, I am looking at some seriously bad screen drawing in my 3D View.


We don’t have official answer to mayority of the problems.


Will be wireframe set to 1 by default someday?
and how about shortcut for solidwireframe?



I proposed it but I never received any response, and it has quite good rating from users likes.


+1 for wireframe being 1 in default, for th shortcut it’s shift + z and alt shift z to toggle with the overlays


Thank you but I was talking about shortcut for wireframe on top of a model (checkbox next to wireframe from overlays). So, visible would be texture or material and wireframe.


I posted a proposal on Right Click Select.


Good day, everyone! Honestly, I don’t know it’s an issue or this can be rulled via options or something, but… The situation is - I painted an image then scanned to draw it to 3D. I added en empty object with image, entered wireframe mode, and… I lost, because no edges there. At all. Then I deleted background and edges has been appeared.

The question is - how can I see (if I can see) edges with empty object behind? And - thank you guys, you’ve done en incredible work!


you can change wire color in User Preferences

Next to it is wire edit.

And while I have a chance. I looks like we have a reasonably pointed bug which can be easily fixed.

Black WIREFRAME may not be best solution to display wires.
Darkened orange may be better for example.


Hmm, as you mentioned it, I think that setting could go to wireframe shading pupover like bacground color went.

Ideally with other coloring option like random/material/object in solid