Blender 2.8 Wireframes Discussion


Thanks @zebus3d and I agree that they should try to fix the empty image on Wireframe Mode, after all this will be our main workflow now that they are replacing background images.

This is a list of things that could be improved or fixed on 2.8 regarding Empty Images and Intersecting objects, according to the above investigation:

  • Fix the wireframe not showing on top of the Empty Image even when X-Ray Slider is On.

  • Fix wires not appearing behind intersection of an empy-image even when X-Ray Slider is set to 1:

  • Improve visibility of semi-transparent meshes, at least to 2.79 levels… currently it’s incredibly dithery, to the point that it completely hides whatever it’s behind the dither and hurts visibility:

    (I’m pretty sure on that cut area of 2.8 we have more dither pixels than dinossaur pixels :rofl: )

Regarding Transparent Images mapped to Plane objects:

  • IMPORTANT: Fix the In Front option on LookDev mode, so that it renders the object selected completely on top of any other object. (Render on top independently of the Display As render option)

  • Maybe add some way of viewing the transparent shaded objects in Wire and Solid Modes as well. (Currently can only see them transparent on LookDev and Rendered modes or if it’s an empty image).

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Guys, this is what we need in the 2.8 wireframe, to be able to leave it this way, making the Xray disappear. With this way the annoying can be avoided the effect of dithering.

Activating the boundingbox you get the wireframe effect that the modelers look for.

Blender 2.8 user interface design

Either of them isn’t satisfying. I like the idea of making DEPTH effect for wireframe. The only thing in a way is NOISE (or dithering effect). This is of course unpleasant for the eye. So by removing NOISE we have 10/10 wireframe.


The wireframe mode was not created to perceive depth. A wireframe is transparent in nature, requiring some skill and expertise in interpreting the model. Wireframe allows visualization of the underlying design structure of a 3D model. Wireframe renderings are relatively simple and fast to calculate.


The Depth effect (without noise) doesn’t interrupt an idea of Wireframe. You can still see design structure of a 3D model but with less effort to focus.
As for optimization you are right. Solution could be automatically turning off this effect with problematic mashes / scenes.


Currently the workbench needs to be optimized, it needs more polish work:

The selection override in some cases behaves strangely and is confusing.

The wireframe is practically useless in terms of visualization, too much noise and instead of being useful to visualize the object, it is inconvenient.

The method of selection of objects does not respond immediately as happened in blender 2.79, if you click in an area close to the object you want to select often and willingly another object is selected and not the one that you desive, same thing applies in edit mode especially for faces and vertices in the background.

Blender 2.80 can be defined as a good work of renewal, but I think it will take Blender 2.81 or Blender 2.82 to have a product that is really clear and fast in the processing of objects.


I’ve started using 2.8 in some graphical visualisations.
I’ve remember discussion about the wireframe treshold, that it was perfect for some representation, but this situation haunts me all the time. Flat surfaces, most of the time points with 3 edges.
Still it is really helpful, but most of the cases i need to disjoin all elements to separate objects and render outlines with flat shading to have proper representation.
Maybe we can go beyond 0-1 treshold, to min. where only outline remains.


Hi! I’ve select all edges around hole - and seems highlighting works no so good.
Especially in Edges Selection Mode - I can’t to see clearly the edge selected or not.


Wireframe display in Blender 2.8 is much less redable than in Blender 2.79. I try to model things in B2.8 for the recent weeks and I find it more frustrating than in 2.79 - we have plenty of view modes, but the way that wireframe is displayed (in transparent, but also solid mode) makes it a hard experience. Comparison below.



Related thread on BA:

Wireframe is creating ugly wires, at least on my laptop, x-ray set to 0.0. (Intel HD520)


I want each bone to be shown as a wireframe.
It is very inconvenient to use B-Bnoe because the bones are now displayed in solid form.
Not applicable because it is not complete yet?
I wonder if it will be applied later.


Post it on this thread::

It’s very important for me as well, since I’m a rigger/animator.


Pablo said in this video (3:01) that wireframe thickness will be tweekable with the theme settings. Currently I can’t find such a setting. Is it discarded or just not realized yet ?


User Preferences->Interface -> Line Width, near the top left corner. The only choices are either Thin or Thick though.


Ok, thanks , I expected only to find it in theme settings.


That parameter is for lines in the interface, not the wireframe.


You’d think that, but no. Go in edit mode and switch back and forth to check for yourself.


It’s true, I didn’t see that change before. Some strange that wireframe line width is the same that UI line width.


The UI Scale and Line Width are intended for high DPI screens. They scale the entire user interface including the 3D viewport. You can use it to affect the wireframe width, but it is not intended for that.


We don’t have a way to change the wireframe width in edit, could be good because the new strange is thicker