Blender 2.8 Wireframes Discussion


I think simple solutions are usually the best. I would be glad if something like that were implemented.
Well proposed, Dimitar


I really hope they add back the option to toggle the wireframe with a shortcut… i hope the devs see this thread and add the features that have been suggested instead of ingoring us


Controlling wireframes Opacity looks good to me

and add an Option to Overlays Wireframe all , Wireframes Selected.


Wireframe mode should be a option like the workbench and rendered view that way it would have more options and can be quickly activated


Nice to see a pure wireframe mode make it back into Blender 2.8. I’m wondering if wireframe colors will be implemented as mentioned earlier in the topic?


The improvements in the wireframe and addition to wireframe mode are welcome… @Hypersomniac do you have some plan to solve the problem with dithering?


The wireframe in contact with the grid or alignment with the grid is almost invisible.


Because on grey/dark themesn the grid and wireframe must be white, not black.


@Wazou For that solution, I prefer to put a clearer background… And is the official default theme…

Maybe making the wireframe a little thicker would be another option.


Make a black wireframe like always is better solution


Wireframe should have some shortcut (or in pie menu). Nobody wants to click on Overlays everytime when just wireframe is needed.


Wireframe/grid color color depend of the theme, you will not add a black wireframe for the grid on a black background.

Which is better?

or this?

Example on my personnal theme.


on the current build, when pression the new button to add wireframe, this is the result

Should be that result


Did you try Shading > Options > X-Ray slider to 0?
I know that slider appears as disabled/Grayed out, but it works. I’m not sure why the slider looks grayed out (Edit: This has now been fixed).
And maybe that value should be 0 by default there for Wireframe display mode?


that’s because the colors of the grid and wireframes are additive, i think it’s to prevent z-fighting ,so u should change one of them.


This is not Wireframe mode only related, but I do not know exactly where to mention it.
About User Preferences > Interface > Line Width
Here we have had a little confusion, starting from here:

To be honest, I also thought that that configuration only affected UI, and not viewport/editors.

Could it be decoupled in different options, keeping these in Interface for UI lines, but editors line thickness to be in Theme configuration?

Currently there are similar configurations from the Theme settings, such as Vertex or Outline size.
I know that there are other Viewport configurations under Interface item in User Preferences, but particularly line thickness I think it would be important that they are decoupled in two different ones for UI and Editors.


That setting is for high DPI displays, where it makes sense to make all lines in the UI thicker, including wireframes. If people are using it as a theming option, perhaps it should just be named better to avoid that. With the default 2.7x theme it looked obviously quite bad on low DPI displays, but with the new 2.8x dark theme it’s not so obvious anymore.


Oh, that’s the intention, it makes sense.
Originally I had thought that maybe that option was only for those who wanted to have a better visible dividing line in UI.


Yes! That would also be awesome for retopology. Please!!! :smiley:


Currently the wireframe remains unusable to work in blender 2.8 here a clear example with the empty background.