Affect pivot point in edit mode

I know it does, but at what cost?
The 3d cursor is not always where the pivot/gizmo is, so the hassle is still there. To put the 3d cursor in place will still require several steps. While directly transforming the pivot is fast and to the point.

Using the 3d cursor, how many steps will I need to do just to move the pivot like this?

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It is not easier ask to a way to move the 3D cursor like that?


Just make the 3D cursor the default pivot, and enhance with the requested features. Thats basically what you are really asking for, the way I read it.


Yes, bingo. We can make all sorts of improvements to the 3d Cursor, such as:

  • Allow transforming via gizmos
  • Maybe Alt-drag on transform gizmos to set the 3D Cursor and offset from there ((giving same result as C4d example)
  • etc

LOL. The 3d cursor is cool and all of that, but can’t you guys see that it’s no the same thing?

Is the same thing when you can work in the same way and obtain the same results, and better.


Of course not. The 3d cursor will always require more steps to do this. So, it’s not a solution for that, it’s more of a workaround.


One extra click in a few common tool is not more steps.

If you can’t see the difference and how it’s faster to directly tranform the pivot, well, there’s nothing we can do.

What does the term ‘directly’ refer to in this case? I can already ‘directly’ transform the pivot point in Blender by moving the 3d cursor.

Those were the same kind of talk before the origin transform was added. People will never undestand until they start using unfortunately.


in 8 years I never need that behaviour to complet any task in better times than any partner in max/maya/modo… so rarely I will see that a game changer. The few times, less than a hundred, that I needed a similar thing I only need to use the mesh to move the 3dcursor.

Also few people use that in other software.

It just looks like it, but it’s not. You are moving the 3d cursor only and then you tell blender to use it as a pivot, that’s not directly transforming the pivot. Besides, it requires extra steps which is not good.

3-4 seconds

Yeah, it needs 2 stepsmore, but it’s an uncommon thing, so it is not a problem.

I don’t tell to not make a 3dcursor better to this things, but to ask for a new pivot point system when it can be solved with a simple gizmo to edit the 3D cursor… And solved at same time the feature that a lot of people asked of a gizmo for the 3D cursor. Have no sense.


we are missing the crucial thing.

3d cursor = good for modal modeling.
pivot points = good with gizmo.

if we implement “industry standard” way “gizmo” … we should adopt the methods that people know well.


and the last 20 (or so ) posts are the reason why a proper proposal needs to be made here.
Moving the pivot its not as simple just as that, its an offset or maybe a new type of pivot, adding gizmos to the 3D cursor only, wont make the trick here neither in this case.
Its a combination of what the new feature add and how its added into blender, its not something as simple as “i want to move it like x app” because that app was build to work that way. There are a lot of different things mixed in this talk that looks the same but are not.

But, this is a very simple concept if we forget about the 3d cursor for a second.

Where is the pivot in edit mode? The pivot is always where the gizmo is.
Then when I turn on the “pivot edit button”, I will be able to freely move the gizmo which is also moving the pivot (remember, the pivot is always where the gizmo is), and when I turn off the “pivot edit button” I’m back to regular transform mode.

And of course this is a temporary pivot point and stored per object… If I start a new selection it will reset to default median pivot point or whatever.

PS. My english sucks, sometimes it’s hard for me to explain stuff lol…

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Blender’s 3d Cursor has more than just pivoting, it’s always there and can be used to add Objects or Align them to each other… imo any improvements should be added to it , this will make it more easy and powerful than developing a whole new system based on what X App does.

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The 3d cursor should be improved, yes, but not everything makes sense to be added to it. There are better ways to do certain things without using it. Just like pivot transforming.

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I don’t see “avoid one click two times each week” like an argument/reason to create a new pivot system that duplicates the 3DCursor funtionality and feature targets… instead of add a gizmo to 3Dcursor tool.

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