Affect pivot point in edit mode

Not necessarily, even though this is highly needed as well.

My request is for true direct manipulation of the pivot using the gizmo in edit mode, with no 3d cursor involved. Like in my gif example. Also in this post above, the idea is the same.

The functionality is pretty similar with what the origin toggle does currently in object mode, the difference is that when moving the gizmo in edit mode it will be to set the pivot for transformation.

The 3d cursor supports snapping(not alt+s, i mean a normal snapping), if you work as blender classic stile not the compatibility keymap you have a way to move the 3D cursor around with no problems, then just hold Ctrl and if you have the snap configured to vertex its going to simply snap
also you could use active element and pivot on the last select vertex (the active component)

One thing that i want to mention a bit more, i already read that this was clarified but to clarify it a bit more, “ORIGIN” IT’s Not “PIVOT POINT” the origin could be use as a pivot point, but its not THE “pivot point”

Yo, I guess people here are aware of the 3d cursor’s workflow. The point is about not using it, because of the hassle, and do it directly instead, like in other 3d apps. And we are half way there, since we can do it already in object mode, all that is left is the edit mode. :wink:


in that example what its shown its basically an invisible 3DCursor a random point in space that its been use as a pivot, imagine when you enter edit mode the 3dcursor snaps automatically to the “center/origin” of the objetc then you hold a button and you can move that cursor to some other point using the transform gizmo that never changes thats basically how it looks like.
If in all this posts that recently poped up we are talking about a dynamic “Origin” that can be freely move to be enable for some crazy animations and to be use in edit mode as well, that its probably a talk for rightclickselect because its a huge change in the way that blender process the information not near close to any project being work at the moment as far as i know


im not sure about that people its aware, it looks like people its really confused about a completely different stuff that does some things similar.

Blender its not near close to it because what its now doing in object mode its not usable in edit mode, its something completely different that looks similar.

EDIT: I thought a bit about it and the first thing that i came to my mind its 3Dsmax and how it stores info per object, so would it be one solution to have on each object store “trasnforms” “delta transforms” “offset origin transforms” information??? and fall on the issues that max has? plus a lot of unknowns about code and dependency graph management that i don’t know anything about.

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Lol no, this is a very common feature on 3d apps.
Just watch that gif a few times and you’ll get it. :wink:

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my experience its not only as a blender head, before opening blender for the first time i had near a decade working with other 3d apps.
@Regnas Where would you store that temporal pivot transformation that its being shown in that gif?

Creating a couple of 3d vectors for it shouldn’t really be a problem.

Maya has this Pin component Pivot check box where you can move it and make it remember that locations and the when unchecked it resets the pivot location to the active element. Since I don’t use Modo (Cant afford it), I’m assuming Modo has the same sort of thing going on in the background where if you move it, it pins that pivot. Then you probably press a button or something to reset its location to the active element. I hear Modo is flexible and very good at predicting what the user wants to do.


I’m sure blender can do the same sort of thing with ‘affect pivot’ checkbox. When checked it pins the pivot where it is, shows its own gizmo which you can manipulate the pivot’s transform and when you uncheck the ‘affect pivot’ then you can transform of the geometry like normal etc. Then if you want the pivot to go the active element, well you can use period key (or the usual way to snap the pivot to active element) .

I still see people being confused here about what’s what.

Origin = the actual [0,0,0] point of the obdata. Moving this affects how to transform, animate and parent things in object mode. It really has no effect on mesh modeling & edit mode, and in fact would be highly destructive and dangerous to transform in Edit Mode.
Pivot Point = The point around which you transform. This is something different than the origin.
3D Cursor = a stored point in space, for use as a the place where new objects get added, or can be used as the pivot point

Some users here are essentially asking for a temporary point in space which you could transform relative to. In Blender we have this, and we call it the 3D Cursor.


No. You are not getting the point
Try to do the following in blender (without touching the 3d cursor obviously)

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that’s an “offset value” like a delta transform added only to the pivot location, blender does not have at the moment something like that, its not only “moving the pivot”.
where do you store it?
how would you use it?
would it reset every time you change the object?
is it object dependent or scene or viewport?
That simple little thingy raises a lot of questions, that offset could be made by adding the cursors position to any pivot selected for example, only position or orientation too?,
it would be a cool thing to have but its more a topic for right click select more than a topic here or at least it requires a bit more development on the idea besides, “i like to move the pivot like in any other app” or “can blender move the origin in edit mode”

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What’s happening in that video, is exactly the same as adjusting the 3d Cursor. The video is not showing transforming the origin. The origin is the (0,0,0) point of the data.

Why? Why not use the 3D Cursor, given that that’s exactly what it does?

You can easily do what your video shows:

Here’s what’s what:

You don’t want to move the origin in Edit Mode. What you do want, is to be able to offset the 3d cursor using gizmo handles, so you can adjust the pivot point in 3d space.


Indeed, one thing I’d like to see however is the 3D cursor and custom transforms be merged, the custom tranforms could effectively be also the 3D cursors bookmarks/selective history, as some have requested. Last and by far not least a scale factor for the 3D cursor to define a custom increment space for snapping when using it’s transform space.

As the cherry on top additional grid overlay to visually see the 3D cursors transformable custom space.


For temp pivoting that’s what the 3D Cursor needs, Gizmos to manipulate it in 3D space instead of click dragging in screen space or typing values, +1.


@billrey Like people said many times already, this is not about the origin. The origin has nothing to do with it, this is all about the pivot for transformations.

Like I said, in blender we can’t do what I just did in the video directly without using the 3d cursor whch is the point here. Using the 3d cursor for that is a hassle.

Why do you think we asked for the direct origin transformation in object mode since we already had the 3d cursor? Faster workflow!

This is something that will be also good to have, but that’s not the direct pivot manipulation people are requesting here, and will alway be slow than the real thing.

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Yes, the 3D Cursor could become basically like a custom workplane - some features need to be added for this, but it makes sense to make it more powerful for these kinds of things.


You are still confusing different concepts. The ability to transform the origin in object mode is to make it easier to set the (0,0,0) point of the data, which indeed was a hassle before, and is now addressed.

What this thread is about, even if some users don’t even realize it themselves, is not about moving the origin in Edit Mode - it’s about transforming a reference point in space, AKA the 3D Cursor, which can be used as the pivot point. Adding the ability to transform the 3D cursor with a gizmo solves the issue.

-I want to move the pivot point
-You can move the 3D cursor, is the same
-But I want to move the pivot point
-Why? the 3D cursor is better
-Pivot Point!

In Blender, there is no freely movable ‘pivot point’, except there IS. It’s just called the 3D Cursor. It simply has a different name. If you are so focused on the name ‘pivot point’, just imagine that the 3D Cursor is called ‘Interactive Pivot Point’