2022-11-21 Grease Pencil Module Meeting

Practical info

Date/Time: 2022-11-21 5pm CET (your time 2022-11-21T16:00:00Z→)

Link: https://meet.google.com/ier-srzv-mng

  • Aleš Jelovčan (frogstomp)
  • Antonio Vazquez (Module owner)
  • Amélie Fondevilla (Les Fées Spéciales)
  • Andry Rasoahaingo (Dedouze - 2D/3D illustrator, animator)
  • Daniel Martinez Lara (Pepe School Land)
  • Falk David (SPA studios)
  • Fiona Cohen (ADV Studios)
  • Matias Mediola (Story Artist - Grease Pencil core team)
  • Nick Alberelli (Tiny Media Youtube Channel/ the SPA Studio)
  • Nick Fox-Gieg (PhD student - York University, Toronto)
  • Ross Barefoot (Elliott Animation)
  • Samuel Bernou (ADV Studios)
  • Sebastian Parborg (Blender Developer)
  • Yiming Wu (The line art guy)


  • Review of user feedback form/document.
  • SPA: Status on world space onion skinning

Meeting Notes

  • Falk David:
    • Progress on the onion skinning patch is good. We might be able to show something in the next meeting.
    • We’re working on building a list of patches that we want to make public.
    • There is the idea of creating a build for the sequence workflow (as a way for people to try it out). More info in the next meeting.
    • Nick Albereli: Would it be possible to use the world space onion skinning with armatures?
      • Falk: The current structure should allow for this. (In hindsight: Dealing with deformation is harder, because we cannot store it in a single matrix. Current plan was to not show modifiers in the ghost frames.)
      • Samuel: For now, people should try out the “Onion Peel” addon which does allow for this. It would be interesting if it works well with armature deformations.
  • We reviewed the “User Feedback Form”. Current plan for it is as follows:
    • In the next days, send out the form to some people in the community and studios. Then review feedback in the next meeting and iron out potential issues (e.g. unclear questions, etc.). And finally release it to a wider audience (e.g. more public on twitter, blendernation, blender today(?) etc.).
    • The link is: https://forms.gle/GcNSr3Z6SXkQ2xpT7
  • Sebastian Parborg: Will be at siggraph asia. Wants to hear what people have to say about grease pencil → will report back.

Next Meeting

  • 2022-12-05T15:00:00Z
  • Link: 2022-12-05 Grease Pencil Module Meeting
  • Review results of first feedback from the user feedback form.
  • SPA (Falk/Yann):
    • Update on world space onion skinning work (possibly a demo).
    • Update on scene override patch and current status.
    • Update on list of upcoming patches.
  • Talk about proposed plan on how to develop GP 3.0 in master

Hi there!

I’m Marc, I’ve contributed the “additive” build modifier in Blender 3.2. I’ve worked on an update which uses the natural recorded drawing speed to build the strokes, which you can look at in a 1min video here. Here’s my submission: ⚙ D16759 Update for "additive" build modifier I made

I was told on blender.chat that I should probably contact you guys because you’re reworking the data structure of grease pencil. I’ve added the info about the data I use in the description of my diff (basically I’m working with gpf->inittime and gps->points->time).

I’d love to see this in master, so if I can do anything to increase the chances of this patch, please tell me :slight_smile: I think there’s quite some potential for grease pencil for educational video!

Kind regards,