2021-10-26 Blender Rendering Meeting

I’m not sure which patch you are referring to? What is currently being worked on is a series of patches that together will add Metal support, and we will review and commit them one by one.

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The one that Ton twitted about on Twitter. Thanks for solving my problems.

Hi Guys. AMD person here…

We are planning to get a driver available on windows for testing in the next two weeks (likely around 10-15 November but not promises).

As Brecht said. We’re working on some compatibility for older cards (than 6000 series) patches this week that should be pushed in the next day or so. But the “official” driver support for 3.0 will be on 6000 series on windows, even if other cards do work. The Linux driver with this updated HIP support is looking like February 2022-ish. We working on Blender are doing as much as we can to support a wide variety of cards and platform.

Hope that helps with the questions!


What should the users of the 6000 range expect from the HIP implementation rendering performance wise?

I can’t give even vague numbers as things are still moving and this is a developers forum. But generally I’d expect similar performance to the CUDA backend on similar cards.


That’s really great, I can’t wait to buy rdna3 with 3x the floating point performance of my current graphics card!

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Hi Brian,
How are you? hope fine.
Do you think the card Radeon DUO Polaris 32gb will be supported too? we have a couple of that card here and would be nice to have support for them too, like for a lot of RX580/590 that Amd has sold.
Thank you.


Thanks for the update Brian. Looking forward to this a lot!!

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21.11.2 driver or no hip ah! Is the driver used for testing the driver from the official website or is it a separate driver downloaded specifically for testing?

There will be a driver posted next week to test with.


Next level support for AMD GPUs — Blender Developers Blog FYI


Yeehoo ! congrats on making it for 3.0
This is cool

I started a feedback topic here:

I also tested some other scenarios and found that 3.0 beta was generally slower than 10.22 alpha,具体我已经发图到这里了,这虽然只是一份,但是我测了寺庙 理发店这2个10.22alpha还是快一点:Cycles AMD HIP device feedback

Hello The 4 scenarios 3.0 betaJun in this post are not as good as the October alpha: , will the subsequent speed be optimized to the same as before?

Moderation note: Please don’t cross post information. Use the Cycles AMD HIP device feedback thread for HIP related feedback. Thank you.

Upon reflection, my last response was needlessly churlish.
My apologies for that - it was uncalled for.
I hope that lastest beta release with AMD HIP support proves useful in your setup for testing.