2021-10-26 Blender Rendering Meeting

Hey, thanks for referencing.
Unfortunately the method in my article only works up to Opencl 2.0 / 2.1.(Amdgpu) as far as I know.

When it comes to Rocm, i’m not sure whether blender is compatible now.

My graphics card model is 6800xt

amd official website code is opencl=rocr,legacy, as for opencl=pal,legacy is not applicable to 21.30 driver?

Sorry I typed wrong is 21.30 version, rdna2 in linux does not support blender?

Good question.
From the driver’s point of view. I don’t have a modern GPU right now.

From the blender’s point of view, maybe some of the developers here can answer that question.

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No one said it was going to work without user testing and bug reporting; that’s a very strange interpretation on your part.

Your virtue signalling regarding proprietary OSes and closed source software is a little childish, given the vast bulk of Blender’s user base runs it on proprietary operating systems, and the vast bulk of Blender funding is contributed by corporate entities who produce and sell proprietary hardware and/or software ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Virtue signalling ? You off your meds ?

You do realize one of the main advantages of Open Source Development is the ability to get software tested in scenarios no closed source software could even come close. As no Official word if AMD GPU support is targeted at 3.0 or 3.1 ( Initially targeted at 3.0 ), is the reason I asked how code developed in the shadows could be ready for a 3.0 release which is already in Beta.

According to my observation hip has actually merged to version 3.0, but there is no option to open in the properties panel, mainly because there is no driver, a rendering will flash back, I have a link to open the development version of hip for windows:
Blender Builds - blender.org
hip has long been merged into 3.0 in the weekly report, but amd has not yet devolved the driver available, I personally think that even now is a beta state for the features that have been merged in early in the beta plus a switch to start does not violate the rules

Its not recommended to use this build. There will be documentation released at a later date, hopefully should be done for 3.1.

The last issue of the meeting amd representative said windows driver released in November

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I think this thing amd internal should exist in a large number of machines to simulate the test, they should have professional tools to capture the hidden deep bugs, the number of samples should be much more than the user test

Personally I would take HIP in Blender 3.0 at any level of stability.
Since OpenCL support has been removed already, that leaves AMD GPU users with little other choice. Either HIP works or we have no GPU acceleration with 3.0…
So even if it’s buggy, I’ll take HIP in 3.0. Even if I have to compile it myself, which I hope I won’t have to do.
Hopefully it all comes together in time for the Blender 3.0 release.


We hope HIP will still be ready for 3.0, but it’s all a bit tricky since this is based on new drivers and SDK. It’s a bit unusual to leave it this late still, we just really want to support AMD GPUs if possible rather than being NVIDIA only.

If it’s not stable enough we move it to 3.1, but then we can still have daily builds of 3.1 with HIP support around the time of the 3.0 release.


Hi, how soon can we expect the first metal patch to be out?

The goal is to have this ready for Blender 3.1, and for that the Metal implementation needs to be in master by December 29 with the current release planning. Still this is a project under development and this is being contributed incrementally, it’s hard to predict when it will be in a state ready for testing.


I appreciate everything you do for us Brecht. I know it must be difficult trying to balance schedules, tough coding challenges, multiple stake holders and user demands (including users who regrettably can sometimes be very pushy/rude in their messages or often not even realise their demands are already being worked on, etc).

Hopefully it will all come together at the last minute and given how major this change is (I mean, how often does one really change compute APIs?), hopefully this is a one-off problem we won’t have to deal with for another decade. :wink:


Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

Still with the name calling … Oh god… Some ppl.


Does it mean adding upon the patch that apple sent to increase performance?

Let’s keep it civil and stick to the forum guidelines:

To be clear, the Cycles HIP implementation is being developed in the open, patches are being contributed by AMD and we review them. What’s happening now is that AMD is testing this implementation on various hardware and making improvements to the drivers and/or compiler. That could be in open source projects for the Linux driver, or closed source for the Windows driver, but either way that development is not happening on developer.blender.org.