16 May 2022

16 May 2022

Notes for weekly communication of ongoing projects and modules.

Modules & Projects

Geometry Nodes

  • Blog post about the design process for the new Geometry Nodes icon.

New Features and Changes

Grease Pencil

  • Line art:
    • Improve smooth tolerance behavior (commit) (YimingWu)

Color Management

  • Various improvements and fixes for image saving (commit) (Brecht Van Lommel)

User Interface

  • Icons
    • Add a Geometry Nodes icon (commit) (Dalai Felinto)
    • Tweak sculpting trim icons (commit) (Dalai Felinto)
  • Outliner
    • Remove two advanced tools that didn’t make sense for the outliner (commit, commit) (Bastien Montagne)
  • Small tweaks to UI layouts and text (commit, commit) (Pablo Vazquez, Antonio Vazquez)


  • Sculpt mode
    • Add operator to convert hair particle system to new curves (commit) (Jacques Lucke)
    • Add option to interpolate point count in the add brush (commit) (Hans Goudey)
    • Adjust tool header and property editor UI layouts (commit) (Hans Goudey)
  • Add disabled message for add empty hair operator (commit) (Hans Goudey)


  • OBJ Import:
    • Improve file parsing performance on windows (commit) (Aras Pranckevicius)


  • Enable inlining on Apple Silicon for 1.1x speedup (commit) (Michael Jones)


  • UDIM: Add support for packing inside .blend files (commit) (Jesse Yurkovich)
  • Mesh: Add Auto Smooth option to Shade Smooth operator (commit) (Pablo Vazquez)
  • Performance improvements
    • 3D Viewport: Improve performance with many small instances by about 10% by avoiding TBB in some cases (commit) (Hans Goudey)
    • Screw Modifier: avoid unnecessary normal calculation (commit) (Campbell Barton)

Weekly Reports