2022-05-16 GPU Module Meeting


  • Clement
  • Omar
  • Jeroen
  • Kevin
  • Brecht

GPU Compositor

  • Design document still in progress.
  • NVIDIA regression. Jeroen proposes to help

Hair drawing refactor

  • JacquesLucke added a patch that draws the hair particles as curve objects according to the workshop of last week [D14942] Patch is still WIP.
  • Kevin: Curve attribute rendering [D14916]

GPU SubDivision

  • GPU Subdivision: Point attributes subdivision patch.

Eevee Rewrite

  • Making progress, currently working on correct motion vectors (needed for de-noising)

3.2 release

  • High prio issues. Jeroen & Clement did a lot of work in this area last week. Currently 8 issues open.
  • Remaining are GPU subdivision or performance regressions.
  • Subdivisions have been all been partially researched. Not sure if all could be fixed for 3.2.
  • Other issues should be triaged and should be re-prioritized when cause is clear
  • Unable to reproduce Hair crash for Mac [T83199] due to no access to similar hardware.

Next week

  • Focus on high prio bugs

3.3 Target

  • Tests to detect performance regressions early on [T98100]

I also measured it, 135fps is 3.2bate, 74fps is 3.1.2 win10 app store version



It’s common for framerate to be capped around 60 fps due to V-Sync. If your monitor refresh rate is 60Hz there would be no point to have a higher framerate because the monitor can’t display it fast enough. Disabling V-Sync is needed for benchmarking but is not helpful besides that.

While I’m right now using 3.3a, didn’t see that good 135 fps.