2023-08-07 Grease Pencil Module Meeting

Practical info

Date/Time: 2023-08-07T14:00:00Z
Link: https://meet.google.com/xxo-tyin-rem

  • Amelie Fondevilla (LFS, developer)
  • Antonio Vazquez (Developer)
  • Casey Bianco Davis (developer)
  • Falk David (Blender developer)
  • Samuel Bernou (ADV Studio, python dev)
  • Sietse Brouwer (Developer)


  • Grease Pencil 3.0 development updates

Meeting Notes

Next Meeting

  • Time/Date: 2023-08-18T14:00:00Z
  • Link: TODO
  • Agenda:

i think that pass index must be replaced by a list of chosen layers “as union” to filter by because we may need to use for example only layer X as filter with layer A as union in modifier 1 and filter by only layer X with union with layer B in modifier 2.
we can’t do this with pass index for both modifier while layer A and layer B must have different pass index and eventually for other
context artistic reasons .
so this for more rome of combinations and math logics and future geometry node compatibility maybe

Does the reimplemented modifiers would be GN based?

No for the moment, we’ll just have the modifiers that grease pencil currently has. GN support should come in the future though as we’re preparing Grease Pencil to be compatible with the attributes system.