2023-08-01 Blender Admins Meeting


  • Bastien Montagne
  • Brecht Van Lommel
  • Dalai Felinto
  • Campbell Barton
  • Sergey Sharybin
  • Thomas Dinges
  • Francesco Siddi
  • Fiona Cohen


  • Thomas raised the idea of extending the release schedule by 1 month and consulted developers about it.
    • Animation & Rigging: handy but not critical, bone collections should make it regardless.
    • Pipeline, Assets & I/O: some asset API breaking changes and USD targets could benefit from more time, but not considered critical.
    • User Interface: some breaking API changes to deprecate old functionality would be good to get in, but not critical.
    • Render & Cycles: many things in progress and more time always useful, but nothing critical that can’t be postponed to 4.1 or 5.0.
    • Grease Pencil v3 will not make it even with an extra month or two. This will definitely be for 4.1 earliest.
    • Eevee Next could maybe make it, but stability and performance would still be a concern. Recommend to postpone to 4.1 also to avoid too much stress on the team.
    • Core: on track.
  • Conclusion is that we will stick to the existing 4.0 release schedule, as adding another month or two does not make a big difference. This means there will be more breaking changes in 4.1, which we had hoped to avoid. But this seems unavoidable unless we extend the schedule even further. There will be a significant number of big features in 4.0 regardless.
  • Face maps removal was discussed. There seem to be some users still relying on this, and the design for replacement functionality is still unclear. General consensus is that it would be better to restore this. Dalai and Campbell will follow up.
  • User interface development needs to be better coordinated, Fiona and Brecht will get involved to help planning and organizing.
  • There is a plan to improve copyright attribution using an AUTHORS file, to clear up unclear and incomplete attribution. Campbell writes the proposal and implementation.
  • Going over on-going projects. Admin delegates will follow up with the specific projects. A few points not mentioned in other module meeting notes:
    • Setup of online Blender UI and manual translations with Weblate is in progress. Francesco and Bastien work on completing this.
    • Extensions: Campbell, Francesco and Pablo are working on this. Unclear if this will be stable for 4.0.