Wireframe mode mockup and suggestions

The wireframe mode in blender has been a useful tool that is used by most users. However, as of 2.8 the mode has been removed and replaced by a setting hidden in a menu that requires multiple clicks. In my mockup it has been made a separate view mode which allows it to be activated with one click. Another upside is it allows more options for users to customize it; similar to the other modes.

Adjusts the opacity of the wireframe.

Edge and Vertex Size:
Gives the user the option to change the size or completely turn off vertexes and edges.

The “Solid Color” option allows the user to change the color of all wireframes. The “Random Color” option is similar to the option in solid view mode. This can be useful for scenes in which there are many objects.

Bounding box:
lets the user toggle the bounding box on or off

the mesh slider works similar to how xray works in the other modes but covered edges effect faces that are facing away from the user and this can be useful in situations where you may only want to focus on the faces facing you or want to see back faces better


@pablovazquez , @Alberto made a great video that covers this topic very well and brings up many good points.


I did some tests after watching this video and I totally agree with Alberto


i updated the main post with a new mockup design

Hi, I too have mixed feelings about the wireframe in 2.8 now. Blender Foundation focuses too much on animation, VFX and game development and forgets about environmental design and arch viz (massive amount of objects spread over large space).

I would like the wireframe to keep the simplicity of every Blender version through history (except some of the first ones) - the non-anti-aliased wireframe, super sharp, super fast, and you can use the fact it’s non-anti-aliased to see if an edge is completely straight, horizontal or 45 degrees.

I like the fresnel effect and all the customization in 2.8 but for me, wireframe is supposed to be simple, see-through representation of all geometry. I would love for the wireframe to be a viewport shading mode again with it’s own customization because I suppose everyone likes wireframes in one way (see-thru non anti-aliased) or another (random colors, wireframe overlay, fresnel).


Here is my “2.8” pain in two pictures.
There is a luminosity/brightness falloff of wirefram cage inEdit mode (and others), kind of inverted Fresnel where middle part verteces are grey while outside verteces are default black. Personally it’s REALLY frustrating and uncomfortable feelng for eyes and shape depth perception while modeling. Just like my LCD screen is dirty or burned out at mesh center.

Is it possible to turn this feature off at least at wireframed EDIT mode? Or it’s “drawback” of switching to new viewport render engine?
Please leave modelers options to set classic productive even “not so beauty” wireframe mode and one hotkey for switch on (like Z).

Last thing I want it’s to jump between 2.7 and 2.8 or tweak 2.8 with scripts to reanimate classic features (if it would be possible at all).

No offence guys but that’s really hurts.


everyone’s need old blender wireframes(blender 2.7) implemented in blender 2.8, maybe it’s top request

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So how do i supposed to quick switch between modes? When modeling we need quick switch between solid and wireframe, or solid -> texture.
From now on i think 2.8 is a failure.

I don’t think 2.8 is a failure. It needs to find balance.

For me. 2.8 is more chaos and many features have been added more random without specific goal. “Making Blender better” is not a goal. More like a wish.
New decisions should aim to modernize one thing and after that it needs to move to another.
For example.
Idea: “Lets fix modelling experience!” Now all decisions and features go to polymodeling, sculpting, Unwraping, wireframes, all modes and so on. After its all done, developers should move to another thing- “Lets fix animation experience!” and focus primary on animation.

I hope you uderstand my opinion and my english is not too bad :slight_smile:


it’s true many new good feature in blender2.8. it will need one or two year to finish and more stable and useable as good as blender2.7.
maybe blender foundation need focus first in easy use in modeling in one two month ahead.

I’ve said it elsewhere, so I apologize if I’m sounding like a broken record. The main thing that needs to be fixed for me is that in wireframe mode, you shouldn’t be able to select an object by clicking on its face. The face isn’t visible, so it’s very counter-intuitive to click on a the fully visible edge of an object that’s behind another object and the foreground object is selected instead because the click is registered as being on that closer object’s face. Having an “Only Select by Edges” mode would fix this. So would making 100% transparent objects and elements not clickable.

Of course then we run into another complaint (yes it can fixed with a simple py, but why) now you’re having to touch many controls to change from a traditional style wireframe mode to a shaded mode. We want to be able to see the faces but not the edges in solid mode, and we want to select by clicking on the surface not just the edge.

I made an animated gif of the issue in case I’m not being totally clear.



Here’s a sample of the wireframe confusion with outline.


Hey @zebus3D why did you remove your post, it appears to be a real intriguing question…

@Evandro_Costa The main problem was the selection Outline + wireframe mode, if you disable the Outline the wireframe is uniform and doesn’t look strange.

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William Reynish (billreynish) make good proposal wireframe: https://developer.blender.org/T56649


Somebody complained on Blenderartists about the lost of ability to use hidden wire with Occluded Selection for retopo with a target solid high resolution mesh drawn with Xray mode.

Proposal should be completed to clarify Hidden Wire option behaviour.

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The problem this is that developers have thought in to make a new “retopology mode” more especific instead of only add a little options in the shading/object options for the current mesh. And we wiil need to see that new way to make the implementation

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I always was against the idea of a retopology mode.
Blender has already a lot of things useful for that in mesh edit mode.

Splitting tools in half for this work is an annoyance.
For me, all retopology tools that are absent from blender could be useful for basic modeling, too.

The drawing of this mode have to be really beautiful to compensate this lost.

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I agree. And in 2.79 user going in wireframe mode by simply pressing Z button! 1 press on button and all… no click on menu, no founding and switch on/off checkbox…