Why fixing the broken texture editor is not a priority?


I’m quite concerned by the decision of transforming modifiers and the particle systems into nodes before fixing the current broken texture Editor?

As textures generated by this editor are used by both particles and modifiers to distribute particles or have an influence on some modifiers (I’m mainly thinking of the displacement modifiers), wouldn’t it be wiser to firstly fix the Texture node editor, then proceeding with what’s following?

This is in no way a critique, i’m just quite worried as it seem like a bad decision at first glance. (this is not the first time i try to express my concern over the texture editor btw)

Btw fantastic updates lately.
Congratulation to everyone.


I heard the texture editor is going to be removed at some point.

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sure by “fixing” i meant replacing it by something new, but well it doesn’t change the fact that we need some modifiers and particles to be driven by a texture at some points (and it’s quite important, as a texture could drive multiple modifiers and particles).

So i’m still really curious on why this flaw has not been even tackled knowing that the particles will be totally replaced and textures have huges impact on that.