Weight Painting workflow improvements?


A while back (when 2.8 was still in beta) I published a video on Blender.Today. I just wanted to post it back here as I think that the weight painting workflow in the release still misses all of this, making the skinning process of a complex character harder to do than in 2.79. (And undostacks are still an issue in the release :p)

Here is the link on Blender.today where some people wrapped up the thoughts in the comments:

I hope this will be addressed one way or another,

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Well. There is an option for white wireframe in 2.80. It is called Show Wire.
It is at the end of Overlays popover.
Wireframe option with slider is global for all objects of scene.
Show Wire is just for active object under Weight Paint mode.

About categorization of brushes by tools and lack of shortcuts per brush, you are not only user unsatisfied by that. We complained about it for all paint and sculpt modes.
Take a look at discussion about tools/brush workflow thread :
The Tools/Brush Workflow
Sculptor and texture artist of Spring movie made a proposal to let user decide what brushes toolbar should show.

About an automatic switch to Solid display when entering weight paint mode, it may be problematic if weight group is not used for rigging armatures.
If it is used to influence a modifier, to control particles emission for example ; it may be wanted by user to have a display close to render by minimizing or setting to zero Opacity slider.
So, it could be welcomed as an option that could be disabled ; but probably not as a fixed internal behavior.

Thx for your reply,

There is no option for White DASHED wireframe in the overlays popover. The fact that it was dashed helped a lot in terms of clarity in 2.79.

Sorry but I disagree about the auto solid switch for weight paint mode. When you enter weight paint you want to see weights so it should be crystal clear what you are viewing even in non-skinning contexts. It should be the default and the switch to other shading modes should be optional, imho.

Imagine that weight group is used to influence a displace modifier on an object.
Imagine that you care about an elevation relative to a shadow (self-shadoing of object or a shadow projected on this object).
A Flat display will be really annoying.

I am not saying that case that you are talking about is not the most current.
I am just saying that current ability to ignore Weight Painting display should not disappear because of that.

About Dashed lines, I agree that if people are using custom colors, plain colored lines is not the choice for wire.

I was about to make a thread about this but since you already made one then lets revive it.
I have been really fraustrated with Blender’s weight painting tools and Workflow.
How do people do this without going crazy?
It needs more tools and improvements, vertex & face masking needs loop,ring and pick short selections, Smooth,remove with modifiers keys…

There is only one shipped addon that helps a little bit for setting weights, even that is not enabled by default and another paid that works with 2.8x,that’s all.