VSE compositing effect strip (suggestion)

So i think that blender’s video sequence editor is probably the best of all the free video editors out there. But it has two minuses. First is that it is pretty laggy, but i can deal with that. But the second is that blender’s VSE is really lacking of effects. So what i suggest is a new video editor strip called compositing strip that you will be able to add on top of the existing video/image strips (something like transform strip). And you will be able to edit each compositing strip. When editing compositing strip it will be like compositing window with image input node and output image node and between those nodes you can place any nodes that you can get in compositing window. So you can create any effect you want and like transform strip compositing strip will replace video with one that has all nodes applied. I thin this strip will really improve blenders video sequence editor by allowing user to make any custom effects they want. I would glad to hear your thoughts about my suggestion.


I made a proposal for this here.
The reason why I didn’t choose to use effect strips is because there is talk about removing them altogether. The node editor could work as a replacement for both the effect strips and the strip modifiers. Applying them directly on strips is also more flexible as it lets you use it to make transitions and get the meta strip layers separately.

There are many duplicates of this idea with various variations both here and on right click select, so I’m trying to gather the discussion under the proposal I made so that the discussion isn’t as fragmented. If you have thoughts on it, or have a different idea on how it should be implemented I’d like to hear them under the post.