Visual Feedbacks Preview (snapping like a boss, interesting proposals in the comments)

I thought of doing an animated gif on that suggestion that I proposed some time ago on Right-click-Select
maybe it could intrigue someone better

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Nice complementation to

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yea, thank you!
I am grateful that I am not the only one to think that this function is of vital importance

i think turning the origin into and editable pivot point will solve this problem and build the snapping tools around it instead of the 3D cursor.

@1D_Inc your videos and your scripts are super-powerfull and should be highlighted … and in my opinion you are the most suitable candidate for a serious development of these tools to be integrated into blender 2.8
I suggest a crowdfunding for this to happen @pablovazquez ^____^
ps. music in the videos is awesome * ___ *

Thank you)
We’ve spent a lot of time to figure this concepts out


hi @1D_Inc I really hope to see one day a snapping system well integrated in the post 2.8 versions, maybe a mix between your tools and something similar to the gif that I shared …
I would see you very well as the author of something like that, something that is well integrated into the heart code, I hope to emerge a method that incentives this “dream” is realized, with just a crowdfund campaign or a participation in a google summer code … not I know exactly how, but I’m sure there are a lot of engineers, architects, makers who would support you to add these features in blender 2.8 with great pleasure

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Great suggestion. I really miss better snapping tools on Blender…

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