Adding must have snapping and modeling functions from addons/other programs on vainilla blender

Hi. using other modeling programs I’ve seen some features, that would be nice to have in blender, here’s some of them I think they’re viable or important to add,

To let you know a bit about my background, blender was the first 3D program I used (With modeling, rendering, animation, etc… capabilities, first would go to SketchUp) althought I didn’t do any serious/big project with it until more recently, when I learned 3DS Max at uni, and I’ve been learning both side to side since then.
Lately I’ve been looking at what all the the other sub-d programs do and how they do it (Maya, C4D, Modo), althought my understanding of them is just enough, I’ve seen some features than some have an others lack, so here’s some of them than all/most have.

Right now, I think many of these, are aviable with addons, if not there are also workarounds, but they distract you from your workflow, since they’re not as integrated with the UI or require multiple clicks and diging throught more menus, also they discourage other users to switch to blender as they don’t have what they expect right there from the beggining.

First I’ll go with snapping, some of these have been probably addressed before as here

I would be nice to have better snapping on object mode, as with the NP_station addon, allowing vertex to vertex snap.
Also snapping to face center and edge midpoint, currently, creating temporaly new geometry or having to change the cursor, origin or firstly having to move the object close enough is not very intuitive/straightforward.

When it comes to modeling tools, we have no make planar, or circularize, those two tools are present in the Loop tools addon

Other feature that I use quite often is distributing objects, Oscurart_tools makes this possible, and what it does is enough, despite being a very simple thing, Max also needs an script for doing this, however Maya’s aligning box, which alignins AND distributes seems to be the most intuitive and graphical, and as 2D apps do, it merges this two options, which are very related to each other. While implemeting this (if it’s even possible in case it has a pattent like Autodesk viewcube) However, it could be possible that the default blender aligning UI looks a bit more like the Advanced align tools addon, and has a preview when hovering over the different options, with changing geometry in other color.

That’s all I can think about right now, and made sense for them to be in a single thread, I hope more people can comment on which ones agreed are most needed or if they think there’s anohter one comment it as well (Or creating another thread)


I can agree that all of the features of NP_station and Loop Tools should be a permanent part of blender’s basic functionality and shouldn’t require installing or even simply enabling an addon.