Vertex Groups as Animation Controls / Handles?

See timestamps: 7:09 - 7:50

I want to find a way to assign specific movement/rotation controls (like to change x/y rotation of the torso midsection or to open/close the mouth using shapekeys by grabbing the jaw) to specific Vertex Groups on my rig so that I can mouseover and highlight various vertex groups on the skin and manipulate it like a puppet.
Using traditional control rigs is such a pain for animating things in a straightforward way.
Is there some way to get Blender to do this?

I mean, I’m not asking for 3d Onion-Skinning or anything…

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This will be amazing if we can somehow implement into blender, i always get frustrated when chasing controls over character .

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There is an addon that does that, but I can´t find it right now, look for it, probably in BlenderArtists or something similar.


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