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Things you can do in MAYA 2018/19 with UVs.


Just look some other pages in his profile.

As far as I can see… you can do almost everything in Blender, can you point to something more specific please? :slight_smile:

Please link to the images or videos you refer to directly here so we all can discuss about it wihtout having to go to artstation :slight_smile:


UV editing in Maya is much more advanced.
Maya UV Editor overview
There are nice concepts that Blender could benefit from.
Of course you can edit UVs without all these tools, but they can be very useful and time saving in certain occasions.

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Blender can do a lot of things with two free addons, coyld be great integrate this in blender like other plugins

i don’t do much UVs but i think blender doesn’t have Preserved UVs feature…etc ,it doesn’t hurt adding many small features that help to speed up your work but the improtant one we’re all waiting for, is UDIMs support.

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What is Preserve UV`s feature?

What I said is that without specific description of the feature nothing is going to happend, the devs are not going to dig into maya to search for new features to steal hahaha
I can understand that there may be features that are needed and that are useful, but this topics, general ones that say “hey… some new features for UV could be great… check maya… ithas great features…” are going no where.

That is why I was asking for specific things, like the “preserve UV” feature, what is it? why is it useful?

BTW it could be great to know what is the status of UDIM, theoretically it was finished and waiting for confirmation or something similar.
@lukasstockner97 or @brecht do you have some info regarding this?


This is not a forum for feature requests, but feedback on ongoing development. Especially if it’s just a link to other software. Please see:

UDIM is not that far from ready, but the focus is on stabilizing 2.80 right now, not so much new features.