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Community self-managed forum for user feedback on ongoing Blender design and development.

This is forum for users to provide feedback to developers about ongoing development.


Perhaps it would be good to advise on new topics that the functionality of the subforum is feedback on what the codequest is about, and not requests for new features. Because in the last few hours there has been an explosion of threads of people asking for new things, that have nothing to do with the function of this subforum, that are messing up a lot of reading.

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Since a certain youtube video appeared?

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It appears it’s a bit hard to draw a clear line between what’s user feedback on 2.8 features and what’s new feature request. And since the line is so fuzzy, we can see that majority of the threads here get closed.

You seem to be sending all of the people to rightlickselect, and I really don’t think that is a good idea. I would say it’s in the best interest of BF to have at least rough idea of what community requests the most, and rightlickselect is really bad choice for that. It is missing important feature to sort requests by their votes, and the current sorting orders favor requests by their chronological order rather than quality. I really doubt that BF developers come to check rightlickselect to click through 50 pages to see if a very popular request made a year ago got some more votes.

I requested sorting order by votes several times, and response from Jason, a guy behind right click select was “You can do it yourself if you want, the site runs on the open source engine”.

Since rightclickselect is pretty much only place for Blender feature requests, and it’s even endorsed by developers, the situation is really bad, because the only means of feature requests is one that sorts them in an order which pretty much enforces noise and chaos.

Therefore I think it would make much more sense to simply create an official feature request channel, under the wings of BF, instead of relying on the one ran by the person who clearly refuses to take any responsibility for its technical functionality.

I propose a simple system where there would be only requests and votes, nothing else. No discussions under the requests. Just a single proposal, and then votes/likes. After that, just two sorting orders, by newest (chronological order), and by vote count. So user would just create a feature request, others would vote on it, and any developer at any time could simply sort the requests to see what’s most popular. I guess it could be possibly even done here, if discourse supports some restriction to have only one post per thread. It already supports likes, so that would be the voting system :slight_smile:


I don’t think it’s that fuzzy - If a post is about changes already made in 2.8, or code-quest design tasks on - it’s on topic.
Otherwise it’s off topic and will be closed.

It’s quite reasonable for developers to save “please give us feedback on work we have done”,
if the community cannot resist the urge to post unrelated feature requests, this becomes work to moderate and sucks time away from development, or we give up and ignore posts here completely.

So please make an effort to post useful feedback for projects developers are actually working on.


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Why did this “user feedback” category disappear from the devtalk front page? (at least for me it seems to have disappeared) I now have to access it from the “categories” dropdown.

There was an issue when Discourse got upgraded to the latest version, it’s being looked at.

In the meantime you can go to your preferences, categories, and unmute the user feedback category.