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Transform the 3D cursor when the cursor tool is active

What if transform gizmos and shortcuts (G and R) only applied to the 3D cursor when the cursor tool was active?

I know this would break consistency between this tool and other tools but I think it makes enough sense to be easily understood and mostly, it would allow to tranform the 3D cursor with all the snapping and gizmo goodies that come with Blender.
Want to snap the cursor to vertices? No more need to add an empty or to enter Edit Mode and select a vertex and do shift+S > Snap Cursor to Selected. Simply enable snapping and grab the cursor.
Want to move or rotate the cursor along a local or custom axis? Simply select the axis in the dropdown and use the gizmos. Et cetera…

This would be particularly handy for, among other things, transforming objects around a custom and temporary pivot point.


This is what the 3D cursor needs:


The transform gizmo.


It would be close to Source Filmmaker’s “screen manipulator”:
Basically, SFM’s screen manipulator is a gizmo which serves as a pivot point for transforms. You can move it around and he can perform all three transforms, all 4 seamlessly.
See demo here:

In Blender’s scenario, it could be even more powerful, as you could still choose which pivot point and transform orientations are used (while SFM’s screen manipulator is “locked” to its screen orientation + self pivot point).

IMHO, it should be the default state, but everything customizable at will.

Oh yes! There wouldn’t be any need for special "3D Cursor Tool then, since one could select the 3D Cursor and drag / rotate it as a common Object. This perfectly fits the 2.8x paradigm of more intuitive and visual workflow. At the moment the way 3D Cursor’s localisation in space isn’t well discoverable.

As I understand your proposal, this would be a temporary pivot that is not the 3D cursor. I don’t see the point of having a sort of cursor clone, plus it seems more risky to use. Am I missing something?

as a solution 3D Gizmo could be an item even if it can’t be deleted or added.
being an item
-you could only select it with a specific tool in cursor tools or pressing shift+C+clic
-so you could have several cursors and the active one will be the reference
-so it would have automatically a gizmo when selected…
-automatically in modifiers as mirror, you could select the cursor as a reference even if there is no option “cursor”

I completely agree. I posted this up on RCS, referencing this topic. Go support it, hopefully it can get more attention:

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I could have sworn I read this was implemented now, but I can’t find it.

haven’t heard of it personally.

One option would be to add the cursor_transform property to both the tool header for the relevant tools and the modal key map. We’d need something like D5644 in order to do it properly, though.

There is one powerful feature that i would like the 3D Cursor to have that i saw in Maya’s Animbot… It’s the ability to create multiple reference (pivot)points per object/bone that you can go back or snap to.

Here is what i mean.

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Maybe it’s too late, but have you see this addon?

it can save cursor position that can be used as custom pivot points for any kind of manipulations
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It’s not available anymore. :frowning: Is it still working properly?

now “Gizmo 3d Cursor” on gumroad

and/or you can try free script for move/rotate pivot and 3d Cursor
link here Gismow pie menu - #5 by bnzs - Basics & Interface - Blender Artists Community


Thanks a lot! Second one worked great. :smiley:

This reminds of Source filmmaker’s manipulator


I think you said that already, with the same timecode (if you scroll up this thread).


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Yes! I agree! Very good design!