Transform Only Origins gone?

This is something I used a lot and I still use it, because the shortcut swtill works.

But where is the “Only Origins”? First screenshot is 2.81.16, the second one is 2.80.75
Lorimeliq ScreenShot 01-16-20 at 02.33 PM

I think it’s super important and definitely not something to remove. Actually I specifically heard people using other software praise that Blender has it and wished theirs had it too.

This changed its place in the UI as part of the development in 2.8x but the functionality is still there.

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This is now in Tool Settings


In my view it doesn’t belong there, because it’s always there regardless of the selected tool. I would suggest moving these back to the panel with the pivot point settings, or into the transform orientations menu, as it’s closely related to these functions.

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Right. This is where it belongs.

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When @dfelinto noted it still exists I started looking for it but couldn’t find it.

Indeed that’s not a very good place for it.

Why remove it from pivot panel? That doesn’t make sense especially with the new notion of trying to merge similar settings together.


Also, didn’t it work in edit mode at some point? Fiddling with addons for that. I know I could use the 3D cursor but somehow using the origin translate/rotate to use with custom for face selections is just more convenient. Might be just me having worked in maya for ages.