Top Right Viewport Crowding (additional suggestion to T64929)

I agree with this task: ⚓ T64929 Top right of 3D View looks crowded
but I think one more measure could be taken to fix crowding in the top-right of the viewport:

Separate the ‘Navigate’ gizmo into Buttons and 3D Axes.
(Note: this would only appear when ‘Interactive Navigation’ and not ‘Simple Axis’ is enabled)
I rarely use the buttons but find the interactive axes useful. With the ability to disable just the buttons (from the ‘Viewport Gizmo’ dropdown), the area would look less crowded, and I could still use the other gizmo. :slight_smile:

Consider also the option of moving the Gizmos to the bottom of the viewport, something like I suggested here. It needs to deal with how it will work along with the sidebar but the result can be pretty good.

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it looks isolated and weird in the bottom though, putting it in the side like in the task is ideal and maybe making the buttons appear only when mouse hover will be much better.

putting it in the side like in the task is ideal

Is this some kind of joke?

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clearly you can’t read well, i meant like this and the buttons only appear when you need them, so yeah it’s better than in that awkward right bottom and you forgot one thing, there is also the look-dev sphere occupying that place,should they go flying somewhere else too :wink:

Just throwing this out there…

Do those four buttons really need to be so prominent at all? I realize that they are new and cool and we want to show them off, but can’t they all just be moved to the header?

Imagine that “zoom” button in the header, and behaving as it does now when you click on it, but also have an attached drop down arrow with options. With prop/ortho button we could actually toggle auto-perspective in its menu rather than going to Prefs.

That buttons are for tablet users, and yeah, are necessary to be near to navigation widget.

THe main problem is that navigation widget appear to be 6 buttons, with lines, and the 4 icons have a circle. It add morea buttons to the design.

to me this is not a big issue because if you don’t want these gizmos you can either switch them to simple axis in the preferences or off in the pop-over, however this task T57712 is the bigger problem having blinking UI is very distracting.
that’s why the Transform info should be moved to the bottom alone because it gets drawn on the top of everything else so nothing else has to be moved there.

I think the reason they float in the window is because they are also used with quad-view.