Tool Settings to Footer

Tool settings should go into the editor footer in terms of balance.

Currently(2.80), tool settings is part of the top header in editors.This makes some design flaw. Let me show you these 4 main elements which make up the editor.

  • Top: Header + Tool settings
  • Left: Toolbar
  • Right: N panel
  • Bottom:

It’s not so balanced. Blank bottom, overcrowded top.

This is the proposal. One element per side.

  • Top: Header
  • Left: Toolbar
  • Right: N panel
  • Bottom: Footer(Tool settings)

Since the tool settings is inside the header, the header consists of 2 lines, which is not so ideal. Header should be a single line. Users shouldn’t think “Hmm… What I’m trying to find should be at the middle of the second row at the header”

The concept of footer is not anything new either. It already exists in some editors such as the text editor.

As I mentioned in another topic, It was good to see editors and 3D viewport getting many joyful changes in 2.80 development, but it was not fully polished since 2.80 release could not be more delayed.

Let me clarify that flip to bottom is not the footer. Where editor selection button lies is the header.

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If you need that you can do it in the preference.

Is that what you want?


Either way, this is a mess. There’s only one place for tool settings, which is in the properties editor. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Although this is a workaround, it is not a footer. Editor selection button is also switched to the bottom, so the tool settings row is still a part of the header.

Plus, this suggestion is about making bottom footer tool settings as the default, for all editors

The solution which would work for you, is if the different bars were modular. Maybe that’s what you should be asking for. @temeddix

By logic the footer must be the old header, what was the original proposed idea. Because to more important controls more in the top must to be, and active tools are more important than the menus. Like in Photoshop and all softwares with a tool bar.

The thing about components is also something that the original proposal had, and it must be in the tool settings because is an option than affect to the active tool. So the original idea was

So in the top we will have the toolbar

  • tool settings
  • Components selection
  • Edit mode

And in the bottom the original header

  • Editor type
  • Menus
  • Viewport options