Suggestion to number-input fields in general

Hi there

In cases of number-input fields that has a slider kind of function, I suggest that the slider jumps to the mousepointer when the user click down.

Eksamples are all the different kinds of brush size fields
So if you want a big brush you just click in the right side of the field



Requested many times already, but no luck… :frowning:


Yes yes yes yes yes.

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Uh, no thanks.
What if I just want to copy the value?

The proposal have problems, but not that, you can copy only with the mouse over the field. You dont need to click

This is next level of sliders, unlike the archaic ones we have at the moment. You’ll only understand it’s power once you start using. And more, blender would be far less laggy with this type of sliders.

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these functions, for painting and scupt, are necessary like water.
consider that these operations should be done quickly and many many many many times in a single job.

do you have any idea how much time to lose with the current way to work?

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There’s no way you’re gonna click to the exact decimal you want, so you still have to slide it. I don’t want it to change my value every time I touch a slider. Where is the gain for you? Because for me, it would be a giant pain in the @

Have you ever seriously painted or sculpted?
… I mean a week for 8 hours a day …
from what you say, probably not.

if you don’t want to change a value, don’t touch the slider, what do you think it is for?
the other professional software how do you think they do?
do you think they adopted stupid methods?

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@horusscope Just stop and think for a moment, for goodness sake.

@ThinkingPolygons @nokipaike Sorry, but we’ll just have to agree to disagree. I don’t like that behavior; I don’t want it to snap to an undefined value, I want to drag it. It would also reduce my ability to click in the field and type a slightly different value.

Edit: not that it matters, it could be an option or something. Personally I wouldn’t like it, for a lot of reasons.

Ye? Then try to drag, let’s say, a material property, on a very heavy scene. :wink:

You’re welcome.

EDIT: I think maybe you’re not understanding how it works. Look again here
The drag it’s still there. This is just better in every way.

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