Status on colored wires and empties?


This question is hovering in between a feature request and development question, but I would love to know how far away are colored curves, and/or empties in the current Blender development?

There are a lot of requests on the right-click forum for this, even I posted one in the beginning of the year with some examples:

Especially for more complex rigging, colored wires or empties are immensely useful.

Hope this is on the radar for a upcoming 2.8x update.




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I am with you on this!

It probably will not be solved in 2.81.
Development meeting shared workboard for 2.81.

It will be for future releases.

Currently, only meshes can be colored. But there are some workarounds.
You can change Extrude or Bevel Depth setting of a curve to be able to see a colored wireframe for extruded curves.
Empties can be replaced by bones.
Bones can be colored using bones groups colors.


I know about these workarounds, but a direct way of coloring a curve is preferable.
I often use curves as a template for modeling, and not all empties are meant to be replaced with bones. :wink:

I encountered this today, when trying to edit a curve and path inside a spotlight and probe heavy scene:


Apart from more fine grained extras visibility options, this would help so much:


(And also, if you have more than one empty/curve/spotlight selected and change the color, ALL OF THEM should change!)


Is this something that is still on the radar for 2.9x?
It is still as useful as 8 months ago…


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This doesn’t seem to be any sort of priority which is a shame because manual override of wire colors is extremely handy when working with complex scenes.

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Still looking for this feature. Overrides are extremely useful in procedural modeling too to keep track of all the empties/locators. Please implement this feature, it’ll really help us out. With all the great features coming, this feature will be an extra little polish and add a better organizing system in blender. Its almost mid 2021 and we’ve been asking this since 2019 please guys add this feature.

Thank you