Splash Screen for 2.80-beta, themed: "Support the dev fund"

Hi everyone,

We need a splash screen again! Proposal is to ask the artist community for it again.
Design target: make a splash to promote (or celebrate) the Blender Development Fund. Something that’s fun, engaging, positive, and doesn’t look like an annoying advertisement. Could be anything… but what? :thinking:

Template from last series: (are we going to refresh the template? Suggestions welcome too)

You can add your name in the splash as credit.
Note that the image will be part of GPL program, so it should be free to use for Blender.
Preference is to have the splash as CC0 - and provide the .blend as demo file as well. The latter is optional.

Splash selection will be by the people who made the previous splash (the BI crew).

Deadline: 14 November last day to submit proposals.




maybe a 2 seconds animated intro gif? :upside_down_face::yum:
“like a rocket that is about to take off in space”


I like the idea of an animated gif.
I use 3ds Max for my daily work,and recently installed max 2019.And from time to time I just leave it on,to watch the cool animated teapot.

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man naming " He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named " you ruined the idea :joy:

my personal opinion would be to put next gen if that possible, it’s a great publicity both for the Studio and Blender and it has the name Next Gen for the Movie but also a deep meaning of blender becoming a next gen software, that has a big studio supporting it(aka development fund), of course all this has to work from both sides.
here is my build.


not bad as a word game,
but how do we emphasize the fact that we need to support The Blender Development Fund?
a shift to other corporate to come forward in support?

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But AFAIK the splash image AND the scene must be GPL, and Next Gen assets cannot be done GPL I think, they belong to the studio and the investors, and Netflix probably… so… I think there is no change to NextGen to go to the splash screen :stuck_out_tongue:

“The latter is optional” like Ton Said, they can provide only the image not the blend file and like i mentioned it has to be agreed from both side.

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they can go the other way with the Code Quest Rocket or make the Badges as Characters…etc but i think keeping it settle is the way to go, 2.8 is going to make a huge buzz anyway and studios will be interested in away or another, so anyone who opens 2.8 for the first time and sees the next gen splash screen every-time will be intrigued and amazed to the potentials…of course this is my crazy idea it’s up to the team to decide :slight_smile:


i see, i see… mind blowing

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An idea just for fun and find a idea :wink: Version 1


Hey there!
I just had a cute Idea what to put on the Splash Screen. Here’s a rough scribble. (please ignore the look of the character I use scribbles to get across a general Idea, not to look pretty)

So my general Idea was:

  • have a computer with blender 2.8 open (mabye add a little bug in the scene)
  • have a second screen with python code open
  • have a poster with the blender code quest rocket ot something like that (Poster, Python, Blender UI will be done costum in inkscape so they fit the style)
  • have a cozy looking developer on his bed in front of the computer
  • have something like submit, commit, contribute written on the poster

to get the Idea across: hey this is a beta Version, it has bugs, but you can help make it better!

I’m not shure about/happy with

  • the poster text
  • the “Bughunters” Pose: mabye he lies on his bed staring at the poster (good for composition I think), mabye he sits inside a blanked drinking a cup of cofee or coding
  • the character design
  • the characters size … he or she must get a bit bigger…
    so feel free to give suggestions regarding those topics.

I will probably ask my roomate (she can draw awesome chibis) for character design suggesions and I’m also thinking about using some kind of known character, that is already established and connected to blender. But since I want to go kind of chibi I don’t really know, who’d be a good fit for that.

I’d love to put a image of a chibi I’d like to use as reference here, but I can’t because I’m a new user. :c

[Edit:] I forgot to mention:

  • I will make it free to share, use and change for everyone
  • I will share the .blend file … and I will most likely have a final render by the deadline … but I think I’m probably going to submit the file a bit later since it’ll need to be cleaned up a bit and that’ll probably not be done in time. :stuck_out_tongue:
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Thinking of it … I’d be a bit silly, but hilarious to make it a burrow and use the big bug bunny :rofl:

See what u did there lol

Just an idea, maybe we should let people know about, development fund 2.0 , i’m pretty sure so many people don’t know nothing about it . maybe it’s hard to do , i don’t know really

the second idea = ) , from a youtube videos, its just fun


How about this project, I created for my blog.
If you think this is good, I can change the logo and text on that ~

And I made the animation that you can check out here:
Youtube Link


May be this image from me? It’s using heavy Blender microdisplacement.


Nice render, however @pablovazquez mentioned in the developers’ vlog that they wouldn’t like to break the tradition of no blender logos in the splash screen

This is a scene I made a while ago, what do you think?

Maybe you could use this.

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Is hat microdisplacement? Seemed to me like a particle systam.