Push forward development fund with splash screen

Since there is ongoing discussion on the splash screen here and here and in the same time development fund is going to achieve his first goal

We could push forward the fund with display the current revenue fund every time users start blender, also the progress bar could be clickable to a direct link to fund.b.o

I have made a quick visual example of how it could be

And here integrated with the startup

Personally, i feel it should be only the nightly build, and not the official release.


There is a promise here that Blender does not make an internet connection by default, so we should try to follow that.

The development fund splash is meant to be temporary. It will be replaced by a regular splash at some point, so we are probably not going to invest time making further changes to it.



It may have been cool 10 years ago, but nowadays, when owning a PC pretty much equals internet usage, it has almost no value. Only people who will probably care are paranoid, control freak stereotypes who’ve compiled the linux kernel themselves. But that’s most likely laughable fraction of userbase.

In this day and age, there is no pride to take in promise of making no internet connection by default. All it’d really take is perhaps asking user permission on a splash screen, like pretty much any modern software does these days.

I don’t say this just because I think it would be cool to have fund progress bar on splashscreen, but because software connected to internet can gain lots of obvious benefits. Even Blender has semi official cloud sync plugin. I mean, even as little as having occasional automatic check for a new version would come a long way.

My overall point is that this “no internet connection by default policy”:
A, No longer has much of a value these days.
B, Can be solved by just asking user for permission, rather than turning it into a law prohibiting official Blender version from ever shipping with anything connected to internet enabled by default.

My desktop does not have internet connection. You are making big assumptions about how people use their desktops. I sometimes work on NDA projects, so I need to make sure my pc wont get hacked.

I think that that kind of thing is opening gates to other possibilities and it should be avoided. Next someone else might recommend to put ads in the splash page.

Given the ads are curated so no crazy stuff inappropriate for our target audience, i wouldn’t mind that at all.


That doesn’t mean Blender would not work. It just would not show fund progress bar on splash, and only components that require internet would not work. Things like online sync of settings between multiple Blender installs, or integration of some online asset libraries. Things like that. This you would not be able to do anyway if your PC doesn’t have internet.

I don’t get it… Why would you even care about internet security or online ads when your PC doesn’t have internet connection? The only possibility for that would be if you made a “big assumption” that what I meant is that Blender would not work without internet at all, which I did not.

I do not get your opinion there. I care about internet security therefor my desktop is not connected. It is not the otherway around.

If you guys want to make an addon for it and offer it , that is cool. It just should not be part of the core. Relying more and more on the connectedness features is a big mistake in the long run.

No. You are still not making any sense.

The phrase “If you guys want to make an addon for it and offer it , that is cool. It just should not be part of the core. Relying more and more on the connectedness features is a big mistake in the long run.” just really doesn’t make any sense.

The only components that would every rely on internet connection are those which actually do something with the internet. Of course bevel modifier won’t require internet connection. If you don’t want to use internet, you would not be missing out on anything.

I can really see selfishness in your arguments, as the online features of Blender would be benefit for those who are connected to internet, but at the same time would be no harm to those who don’t. They would add online capabilities, but they would not remove anything from offline capabilities. So the only reason to be against that is envy that others can use it and you can’t.