[solved] Hurdles to implementing Merge modifier?

So what’s getting in the way of getting a merge modifier into the main branch?
Is it the case of finding someone outside to get an implementation ready for a code review to get into 2.82?

I know that everything nodes is on the horizon, but it’s going to be a very long wait for it. And we were told to wait for this in 2016 despite having working code for it then.

Actually it seems this was first asked for in 2014 and was partly done.


You can resubmit a patch and get a review. If review is negative and you don’t agree, you can file a case at the bf-admin board (5 core devs). Our process is very open and accessible, but it follows rules to ensure we maintain a certain minimum quality.


I’m the one making this petition, there was a patch and Campbell if I recall the correct name blocked it.
I can’t find the patch anymore.
So we will try to find someone who code in C to submitt a patch.

This is really important for blender modeling.


@mano-wii I would not be wrong, but having seen the magical work you did with Automerge and Split Edges & Faces … I think you are the right chef here. :yellow_heart:


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was https://developer.blender.org/T41748

The worst of it is that after hundreds of thousands of hours of work lost by users to make up for this lack of blender for so many years, creating a basic version of the modifier will be a few lines of code and will be done in an afternoon.

What we have to find is a way to be able to move projects useful for users who for some reason for the foundation are not. Especially when they are as simple as the one we talked about here.


Take a look at this project which aims to make it possible to write portable mesh modifiers in the same way that OpenFX implements portable image modifiers. It has a blender branch, too. It will enable you to write modifiers that hook into Blender or any other app supporting the OpenMeshEffect API.

We shouldn’t downplay the fact that D1769 produced non-deterministic results. It was an implementation of a Remove Doubles modifier, sure, but I wouldn’t treat it as a shippable implementation without thorough scrutiny.

Just yesterday I was using a boolean and after I wanted to add a bevel but because some of the vertices were to close together there were some issues, so I really think this would help for generative modelling although we should have a section to list some of the modifiers lacking in blender because some edit mode tools like the " Poke " tool would also fit nicely and I found it also missing for hard-sruface generative modelling.

@Wazou, please ensure the patch is rebased on top of latest master, and then resubmit for review. Poke me in PM if you need help.

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I have to learn to code in C to do that first :wink:

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This was Campbell’s inital reason to reject the Patch, so it wasn’t that ‘convenient’ as you may put it, but I wonder what his take on this with today’s version.

Remove doubles isnt a mesh simplification method - it just join verts togather, I dont think it fits well there.
But we’re also trying to avoid having bmesh operators as modifiers, so even though its simple to add these I prefer not to unless its a really important feature.

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The right answer!

All other software has it, why not blender, it’s industry standard.


I am just quoting the reason he had back then, I think it’s only fair if you mention the guy (in)directly to see his POV too…being “Industry Standard” doesn’t necessary mean the same, as each DCC work differently and how they handle stuff under the hood especially Blender, but hey this might be different now than it was 5-6 years ago so we have to wait and see.

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does not seem like a big obstacle for you from what I saw from your addon :grin:

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I’m not as good as you think and C is different from python ^^

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I just tried to use the word industry standard, maybe it will ticle the devs ^^
We need to do it it’s industry standard !! :smiley:

Seriously, merge modifier isn’t different from triangulate or else, so I don’t see why it should not be in blender.

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not so different… ^___^

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This would be really useful modifer for modelling standpoint and totally must have for completing non destructive workflow inside blender. It’s proven that modelling is getting more and more non destructive when ever its possible because it allows users to come back later and change their model completely different in matter of seconds instead of tweaking it in polygonal level and moving vertices.

Looks like two possible implementations have shown up, but they’re not submitable.