SNAP improvement

I maded a video to explain some SNAP improvement that can give more strenght and quick use to the snap system.


Ho!, i see now that you can select multiple component to snap the mesh, that good, apologize me. Any way, would usefull store the snap position on the mesh, at least when is selected… :smile:

I think they already know but they need more programmers to implement it in the end

Why dont you shift click snapping options to activate multiple snaps?

Only thing I am missing is snapping center of the face option its essential!

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Thank, i discover multy-componet snap later, apologize me. Would be nice leave a check box to leave them in the configuration we need. Any way thank for you time . :slight_smile:

This is the official thread on the snap system …
it is under development, it has been for about three months until blender 2.81.
Actually is stopped, but presumably it will be resumed later.

this is the to-do task
Snapping & precision modeling improvements

(the tasks expected but still to be developed)

Thank you for this indication. I go to thread. Apologize me, i’m new here. thank you again.

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