Sculpt Mode feedback

To me, the above proposal should be combined with this other proposal by @ThinkingPolygons where we would have just one button on the left vertical toolbar to open a global brush palette.

Then the horizontal toolbar would act like our custom toolbar, where we could add brushes and tools from the global palette, (by right clicking on a brush/tool and send it to there). Sweet. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, I like that combination. It would save the sculpt mode. :wink: But, don’t hold your breath.

Can you take a look at this please?

Cursor is too small when sculpting on 4k resolution.

Yeah, pretty common issue. Happened to zbrush as well. And the way they fixed it was by killing the regular cursor… yeah, zbrush is now shipping with a slightly gigantic cursor by default to accommodate 4k sculpting lol. Maybe blender could do something similar and provide two cursors to choose from… I guess only the cursor master Harley can help here… :wink:

Yo @Harleya do you think it would possible now to make blender ship with several more cursors that we can choose from, for the various modes that blender has? I recall you working on a feature like that before… Thx…

Its a bit complex. I might make some detailed comments on that bug report and then link to it from here.

But in a nutshell we (now) have multi-size cursors for Windows (each cursor contains multiple sizes, picked by the OS), vector cursors for Mac (scaled by the OS to any size), but for Linux we still are using our crappy old 16x16 1-bit cursors because we don’t have nicer way to specify better cursors that is common to different distributions… We did have “Large” cursors (32x32x1) in that old format (that worked on many systems) but I was asked to remove that functionality a while ago - even though I did make large versions of each cursor in that shitty format.

So might need a good think and probably not a quick fix.

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Did I read this right, you would like to see the pointer arrow icon while sculpting ?

I added a note to that ticket. It should be enough for any Linux dev with minimal experience to submit a patch that substitutes the Edit Mode cursor for the little crappy one you are seeing there, assuming that is a good solution. For Linux we probably want to use OS-supplied cursors for almost everything.

Hi, seeing the pointer arrow of the OS is one solution.

In this video, OS pointer arrow is visible while he is sculpting somehow.

This is terrible, but suit yourself

I tried this before. But keep having to press F to see brush radius feels awkward :slight_smile:

I guess you need to find a way to compile blender with a bigger cursor

Thanks. I grabbed the source. I will try to figure it out.

Thank you all for helping me figure this out and for all your contributions to this amazing project.
I made a small change in;


case WM_CURSOR_PAINT: // line 98
  return GHOST_kStandardCursorDefault;
  //return GHOST_kStandardCursorCrosshairA;

Now I can see OS cursor while painting/sculpting.

I need to find a way to work with vertex colors and dyntopo. Possible solutions are

  • To use dyntopo without dyntopo (ie: switch back to mesh edit mode and subdivide).

    . At least this is the most safe and bullet proof approach. Not exactly as handy and fast but really safe.

  • To use a pilot mesh that will bake vertex+texture colors back to the dyntopoed. The pilot mesh can be stretched or subdivided but not get it’s vertices destroyed.

  • A blender patch (or should I say monkey-patch) that will not destroy vertex colors, just interpolate any guessed color or just pick one preselected. I tested this right now and I found that only vertices that are dyntopoed loose their color, at least having a selection to say when you create a new vertex just pick this selected color / or just throw any random color.

If you have any ideas on this let me know. :slight_smile:

I would also much dislike a default arrow pointer during sculpting. But being able to choose from a few options, like a crosshair etc. would be welcome, as long as the option to have no pointer at all will remain.

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I have been sculpting for year’s and if i had a message to Pablo, I would say please find an other you.
Everything is on the right path.

fix the flow of sculpting


  • a brush where you can store a shape make variation and come back te erase some part you dont
    want to modify.

  • Right click basics brush option sould be customisable or have a lot more option to it. mabe an other shotcut and keep right click for something different.

  • you have enough brush variation and they are going well. Polish what you have

  • the pose brush
    / auto generated temporary bones are good - it is missing the possibility to edit every one of them
    after placement.
    / the possibility to draw ourslef temporaty bones instead of auto generated.
    / masking what is unriged with the pose tool.

  • Face sets / way to separate/duplicate/delete/bridge/ face sets.

  • is there a way to create a brush add 0.5 + sub 0.5 - ?

The grab shortcut sould be working like in edit mode. or create a specific multi tasking gizmo for sculpting.

I hope everything is understandable.


Why, there’s no hope? :slightly_frowning_face:

William is gone, and I don’t see anyone working on the UI/UX. The solution is there but there’s no dev to make it happen. But you can keep dreaming tho. LOL

Speaking of UI, I would very much welcome a balanced tool menu approach.


Sorry, but you don’t see anyone working on UI or UX? I’m not sure if you’re actually serious, but I don’t think it takes that much looking around to see this isn’t true. This doesn’t really fit the topic of the thread, but I don’t think this sort of nonconstructive conversation helps facilitate a proper dialog about these topics. – Look at all the activity here, there’s tons of work going into UI / UX in Blender right now – Sculpt brush UI design proposal – See the roadmap image here. Brush management work is planned