RTX GPU Support


Yes yes, I know, but it is possible with some time, I hope you don´t discard it, even when the results are not visible in 4 months, because it will be a gamechanger, I hope you could use a more “standard” way, like using some kind of Vulkan Raytracing engine compatible with any card, and make use of the RT cores, but also make use of the future RT cores from AMD for example, but in any case… it´s a game changer I´m sure


If Blender developers start working on features or they can become part of the roadmap then it will be public information. But these are no different than any other feature that we think would be good to have in Cycles, we don’t make special official statements about that, what Blender developers work on is already public.

If other people are working on something, we have to wait for them to share things.


@brecht i don’t know much about this, but isn’t best to first migrate to vulkan before making any developement on these ray-tracing cards? especially now apple dropped opengl support…unless you guys have no plans to migrate to vulkan anytime soon…sorry if i miss inforrmed.


Cycles can’t easily run on Vulkan, its shading language is quite limited compared to OpenCL or CUDA. It’s not at all obvious that it is a good idea to port Cycles to Vulkan.

EEVEE and OpenGL is a separate matter, it does not affect Cycles development.


ah i see , thanks for the answer.


@brecht Nvidia just open-sourced (BSD licensed) PHYSX. I wonder if this is of interest for simulation in Blender (interactive mode etc.) I think it runs without GPU acceleration as well.


Sorry if this is a stupid question, but are there any major issues with the RTX support in Cycles such as incompatible materials or visual glitches?

Second Question, has the open benchmark been updated to support the updated Cycles engine?


I’m not aware of any bugs specific to RTX cards.

The benchmark would be updated later.