RTX GPU Support

Hi, I use blender a lot for animation through my business, and have recently upgraded to a 2080 GPU.
Just wondering when the new GPU’s will be supported in blender?


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As someone who follows Blender development they mentioned they are looking into working with Nvidia to bring RTX support in, when and how it’ll be implemented is up in the air at the moment

Hi, do you meant the 2080 does not render at all or usage of the extra cores?

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Blender can’t render at all with an RTX card currently.

Blender 2.79b is build with an old Cuda version.
Did you try latest build of Blender or Blender 2.8?

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Yes, they have not added the supporting kernel.

Ah ok, I think they need update to Cuda 10.
May one of the core devs step by to clarify.

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Cuda 10 breaks the render kernel on older cards, so if we don’t move to cuda10, rtx users will complain, if we do move users with older cards will complain. so it’s somewhat of a tricky situation.

Can you offer CUDA 10 as a separate download?

Cuda 10 is now supported but you have to build Blender by yourself.
Sooner or later someone build it.

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What do you mean by build it yourself?

To build means to download the latest source code, and compile the program.

Ok thanks!

Can anyone share a link of the compiled version?
I have no idea how to compile code.

Here you are:
This community is fast, really fast. :slight_smile:

Cheers, mib
EDIT: Ooops, this is a Linux build!

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Ah OK, is there a windows version anywhere?


If I recall correctly, @pablovazquez mentioned in his last Blender Today livestream that RTX support probably won’t happen this year.


It really isn’t hard. It took me a few hours to set up and get 2.8 compiled, and I had never seen Blender’s source before. Here’s the instructions.

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There is a fix to get the linux version working on windows 10.
Check the comments on the linux forum post.

Thanks, for all the help.

I think he may refer to not happening in Blender 2.8, but since Nvidia spoke with Ton about this, and they are interested, I bet it will happen soon after 2.8 release, maybe even while in Beta with 2.81 or something similar (or… maybe he was referring to “this year” as 2018… in wich case… yes… it won´t happen “this year” hehehe )


Any news ? did a dev who work on cycles said anything about this subject ?

i bought two 2080ti , i want to know if this was a good investement or not …

visibly vray , octane , redshift , unreal engine , adobe and pixar are on the hype train , i think we couldsee this technology implemented inside of blender in the near future, both in eevee , cycles , and AI tech inside of blender