Is RTX integration started/about to start?

Is a developer from the BF, Blender Institute or one of the studios having cycles devs working on RTX integration in Cycles? I will start having a look at it and of course, it would be better if we don’t do the job twice. Note that have no idea when I’ll have a ready to use version.


As mentioned in this tweet there is something being worked on.

But it’s not being done by developers at the BF / BI, and it’s up to the people working on this to make their plans and work public.

Thanks for the answer. I hope they at least make their plan public soon.

In that twitter thread I think there’s confusion between Optix Denoise and Optix RTX (ray tracing) support. Ton is talking about RTX, but I think Grant is talking about just the Denoise, so it’s not clear to me that anyone is actually working on RTX ray tracing support at this time.

RTX integration is what is being worked on.


Hearing that is sooo cool… even when I don’t have any RTX yet :slight_smile:

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