Proposal for helping in developing node based Blender functions using Softimage XSI as reference

Some tips for the Blender development.

If you are looking for concepts or ideas to solve complex challenges, especially in developing node based solutions for blender, then take a look into the “old” softimage XSI manual.

There you 'll find solutions for complex node based topics like

I don’t want to bother you here with old stuff, but it’s always good to know what was already possible in the history.

I know there are great modern solutions like houdini, today etc., but XSI offered some solutions that are even not possible taday, but very logic and artist friendly. And all this already in the years 2010-2014.

My links directs you to the user guide chapters, where the topics are explained. And I know a lot of this is not easy to port into Blender because of many technical reasons, like the different Renderer etc. But it gives you an idea how to solve or organise upcoming functions for Blender. So why invent something new, if there is already a well thought solution that can be improved maybe?

Best wishes


Hi Christoph,

thank you very much. I am not an expert but what was better in Softimage that is missing in Houdini?

I’m not using Houdini but observing its development. So it was just an example.

I’m sure Houdini is very strong, but you must be technically talented to create “more interesting” stuff. So I presume, artists who haven’t technical background would get into trouble sooner than inside a self explaining system like XSI was for me.

So unfortunately I can only say XSI was great and I would like to see my mentioned points inside Blender in the future.

Maybe one more note: I’m creating CG since 1991 and have experience with a lot of different software, like 3DS Max, Lightwave, Maya or Softimage. So I think I’ve a good feeling what could be improved.

But the guys in Amsterdam already make a nice job, anyway.

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Maybe you could chime in and post your suggestions in the thread @jacqueslucke started about the design of the particle nodes UI: