Poor pivot workflow


I have been using Autodesk Maya for around 6 years and stopped using it in 2019 and switched to Blender, I truly love Blender and I love the amazing updates and new features added with each update.
I do lack the knowledge of the Blender work timeline, but I think the software is missing key features that are essential, for example, the pivot workflow.

When working on a model let’s say, I find myself in need to change the pivot all the time, I even tried to redo the task in Maya and time my work! there is a large difference in the flow of the task.

I know there are a lot of add-ons that fix this but I can’t rely on them, they break with each update, are not 100% complete, etc.

I really think Blender should work on a picot system that can be implemented proficiently as they do everything!

But what is the particular problem? In what ways do you think the current system could be improved?

go get the machin3 tools addon - its well supported and makes the whole thing a non issue.


And then go and buy an add-on from that guy.

This is a dedicated place for Blender module teams to reach out to contributors - development questions are welcome.
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I don’t know if my question belongs here or not, but I’m not asking how to use Blender! I’m saying that I’ve seen other software and how they handle pivot manipulations and saying Blender needs to improve the current system. I hope that clears my point of view!

I think the problem is the difficulty of changing the pivot while modeling (Edit mode). In general, I find myself keep changing the pivot after selecting components, for example, I need to rotate a face along its edge instead of the center.

I think the system can be improved by having a key “D” for example that when pressed mimics the functionality of pressing Ctrl+. in “Object Mode” that way I can select face hit “D”, change pivot, and hit “D” again to disable the tool and continue working.

This system is the basics of Maya pivot manipulations, there are much more shortcuts that I find very helpful regarding the workflow. I hate comparing software but there is nothing wrong from learning from others.

@Yousef-Alhussiny its a lost cause my friend. see:

I did search for a bit before I post here on the subject, it is sad that things are not going in this direction, but at least I’m not the only one who thinks the system needs an improvement!

I hope things go in the right direction!

Thanks for the tip, I’ve heard of this tool before … but right in the first seconds of the video in the link you’ve attached, he says it only works in Blender 2.80 … that’s exactly what I mentioned in the original post. Professionally, basic core features can not be tied to an external plugin or tools that will break with each update!

Pivot workflow is indeed very poor out of box, however there is extremely useful Origin Pie menu component in “3D Viewport Pie menus” addon in base blender, it’s just off by default. There are other pie menus in it, but they are mostly just different variations of default ones.

Most notably:

  • it works in edit mode
  • has very fast origin to selected functionality
  • has new origin to bottom functionality (uses bounding box for calculation? Not sure)

It works perfectly fine as of now - this is more requirement description ie. it doesn’t work with blender 2.79

I agree it would be nice to have a better streamlined workflow in vanilla blender, but it’s very unlikely that this will happen any time soon. And it’s also not a priority, as one can actually tweak this behaviour with add-ons quite easily.

Guess if you can implement it in a nice way, noone would argue against improving this. But it would be you who would need to do the work.

I dislike the “Origin only” workflow, as i dont want to constantly change my origin of an object just so i can do things with it.

In my unprofessional opinion, we need Origin and Pivot functionality separately.
Origin would be the core Origin point of an object but the Pivot point would be tied to modifiers ± other functions;

Best example of this would be the mirror, i really really reaaaaaaaaaaally hate moving the origin just so that i can mirror an object a certain way (i also hate the empty workflow for that matter too),

Having a separate Pivot point which dictates how and where my mirror modifier works would be a godsend, it would speed things up considerably, i dont want to waste my time with fiddling with the origin only to have it return after i’m finished with whatever im doing or the empty workflow where i have to create an extra object to control the first object, that’s just a workaround for something that not implemented very well.

This should be something by default.

Thank you, exactly … the benefits of dedicated pivot in edit mode will increase the workflow for modeling! I’ve tried to use the 3D cursor and it’s so slow and clunky!

Blender does dedicate a lot of manpower to fixing and improving core functionality. Moreso than many other FOSS projects, actually. Is it frustrating that some features are still missing after all these years despite a very healthy workpower behind it? Yes. Very much. I’ve been holding my breath for multi object property editing for years now. And it’s very frustrating to me as well every time I have to deal with a lot of objects and especially since I know that there is an open task for it. Same with other minor stuff I’ve posted on RCS.


Open Source software doesn’t work like commercial software. And luckily Juan Linietsky made a small Twitter thread about why that is just now explaining it much better than I probably could:

And yes: I know not everybody can program. I dabble in scripting but that’s it. I personally also hate the “then go do it yourself” mentality of some people. If I could I’d try to help with certain features for sure.
But while being somewhat rude that still at its core is what one is geting into with Open Source software. Either try to gather enough interest until someone is willing to help with their time or try to learn and help out yourself. Maybe someone joins.
If that’s not for you then you are free to use the alternatives in the meantime. But honestly - I don’t really think that Autodesk are doing a much better job at fixing and maintining their software either. It’s just different parts that are underdeveloped. But that’s just my opinion.


No one said Blender and Blender team are doing a bad job or not doing enough work! and I know blender is a FOSS and it’s volunteer work … and believe me when I say Maya is doing extremely bad, that’s why I left Maya. If I can help or fix I would have done so but that’s not my specialty! I think I’m doing my part by using my expertise and knowledge to spread Blender as the preferred 3D creation tool, in the local communities, my university, and in any way I can! Each does his part.

The forums and RighClickSelect forum were implemented for one reason, to give feedback and discuss what can be done to help improve Blender, that’s what defines a community.

Right now I’m just trying to help Blender by pointing out any core missing features that I see with what I know.